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Collective Worship

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All schools must provide a daily act of collective worship for all pupils. The aim of collective worship is to develop pupils socially, morally, spiritually and culturally.

What is worship?

Worship can be defined as paying homage that which is of worth (worth-ship). Religious worship is the acknowledgement of worth which is attributable to a supreme being. Therefore, in church of England schools, opportunities should be provided for children to offer worship to God, through Jesus Christ.

Collective Worship:

Collective worship is about a school's duty to develop pupils spiritually, morally, socially and culturally. This may include learning about interesting cultural traditions and their meaning, listening to stories with a moral message and reflecting on themes such as strength, courage or loyalty. Collective worship should draw pupils' attention to the values the school wishes to develop both as a body and in each individual. Collective worship is about the growth of the person, their character and social outlook, whatever their academic aptitudes.

Daily collective worship incorporates responses, prayer, reflection incorporating stillness and the lighting of a candle. Christian festivals are celebrated annually: Harvest, Christmas, Easter.

Collective Worship takes place daily and is planned on a termly basis to incorporate all major Christian festivals as well as thought provoking and reflective themes and Anglican traditions. All Collective Worship include reflection, prayer, a hymn and reference to a relevant biblical passage.

At Audlem St James CE Primary School we hold daily worship in the following ways: whole school worship, class-based worship, and key stage worship. The head teacher, Assistant Heads, class teacher and children lead and evaluate worship.

Through collective worship and in the general ethos of the school we seek to promote our vision: Let Your Light Shine

There is a raised profile of community leads conducting whole school assemblies, including a worship led by Rev Alison and Daphane 'who tells us stories from the Bible about Jesus and his life.

On Thursdays, the children take part in "Roundabout"assemblies. Each class has a different Christian value that they discuss as a group and share a Bible story. Amethyst class talked about forgiveness and shared the story of The Lost Son and Sapphire class read the story of The Good Samaritan and then had a discussion about the importance of being kind to our friends and neighbours. In Key Stage 2, Amber Class talked about Thankfulness and Ruby class based their session on Peace, looking at different symbols of peace and analysed quotes from the Bible.

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