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Welcome to Year 6 – Diamond Class!

Mr Blenkiron

Dear Parents, Carers and Children,

Welcome to the Year 6 class page. Here you will find an overview of what we shall be learning in the Autumn term of 2023. Our topic this term is World War 2 and many of our subjects will use this topic as a stimulus.

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Thursday 23 November 2023
Children in Need
Friday 17 November 2023

This term, we shall be looking at the place value of numbers up to ten million. We will learn how to compare and order numbers, how to round numbers and how to calculate with negative numbers. We will then move onto using the formal calculation methods for addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. These will include column methods, long and short multiplication, and long and short division. After this unit, we will learn about fractions. This will include equivalent fractions, adding and subtracting fractions, multiplying and dividing fractions and finding fractions of an amount. Our final unit for Autumn term is converting units of measurement between metric and imperial, and miles and kilometres.

We shall begin the term with a unit linked to our History topic on WW2. For guided reading, we shall read a book called 'When We Were Warriors' which is about evacuees. In writing lessons, we shall read a book called 'Star of Fear, Star of Hope' which is about a young Jewish girl living in France during the Nazi occupation. We will secure our use of basic punctuation as well as develop the skills needed to write a 'flashback' story focusing on vocabulary choice to imply certain emotions. We shall learn spellings and read for pleasure, every day, and will have regular handwriting practice until the children have developed a joined clear handwriting style

Humanities (History focus)
We shall be studying the theatres of war during WW2, the axis of powers and the significant figures from all the countries involved. In the week leading up to Remembrance Day, we will be visiting the Midlands RAF Museum to learn about the Blitz and develop our historical skills. The children will also learn about the main aspects of the Holocaust and we shall link this to our class book which will be 'Once' by Morris Gleitzman. We shall develop our history skills by considering causation, evaluating evidence, impact/pace of change and significance of evidence, and will continue to build upon the Golden Threads of history running through our curriculum by examining this crucial period in relation to the concepts of Leaders, Invasion, Religion, Communication and Innovation.

In Science, the children will be learning about light; how it travels in straight lines and how it interacts with different types of objects. They will investigate: shadows and how they change; how light splits; reflects; and how coloured light mixes. They will learn to work scientifically by planning lines of enquiry, using measuring equipment and recording results. They will also begin to learn about electricity, investigating simple circuits and drawing diagrams. They will also find out about what affects the brightness of a bulb.

In D&T this term, the children will be building upon their textiles skills from last year to design and create waistcoats. After the half-term, the class will use the knowledge they have gained from science to create an electronic steady-hand game. In Art, we will be studying the work of several artists from varied times and cultural backgrounds. In Music, we will begin by creating music inspired by Morse code and later move on to create pieces from 'recycled sounds'. The class will also have the privilege of learning the guitar from a Love Music Trust peripatetic teacher.

For the first half-term, we shall study the key aspects of Hinduism and consider how beliefs about God have changed over time. After half-term, we shall think and reflect on how religious and non-religious people explain suffering. We shall explore the roles of 'Father, Son and Holy Spirit' (Trinity) in the Christian view of God. We shall also think about why Christians say Jesus is the 'Son of God'; the 'Christ' and both 'God and man', and explore what the Old Testament prophesied about the Messiah/Jesus.

Our topics this term are communication and connection. Through our Autumn computing lessons, the children will discuss and research the agreed protocols that computer systems have in order to properly communicate with one another – how Domain Names and IP addresses are used and formed. Year 6 will also learn about what makes a good website and design their own based on what they discover. They will also learn about the laws surrounding copyrighted images and how to best link between different websites.

We will begin this term with a PE focus on (tag) Rugby. The children will learn to pass the ball with control, learn the rules of the game, improve their tagging and evasion skills, develop their awareness of team work, and apply this to competitive match situations.

We look forward to an exciting new term.

Mr Blenkiron

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