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Welcome to our Reception class!

Mrs Maughan, Mrs Burgess & Miss Clarke

Reception have been working extremely hard since starting school in September. They have been enjoying daily phonics and number time sessions, along with learning through their interests. In PE lessons they have learnt a variety of skills such as hopping, skipping, jogging and more recently basic throwing and catching skills. In Reception, we are so lucky that we can take our learning both indoors and outdoors. The children have loved exploring and sharing adventures indoors and outdoors – den building, making their very own potions, pirate adventures and dinosaur adventures to name a few. All this playing, supporting their imaginative play and giving them the opportunity to form a narrative.

With the children enjoying daily Read Write Inc phonics, they are beginning to apply these skills in other areas. Writing in a variety of ways such as labels, letters, short words and even having a go at super sentences. It is fantastic to see their enthusiasm to write. Reception are also off to a flying start with their reading – segmenting and blending new 'green' words that they come across, recognising tricky 'red' words and beginning to build up fluency.

In Amethyst Class, we are continually adding to our EHWB Toolkit using the Zones of Regulation framework to give ourselves the skills to self-regulate and manage emotions. Our Class technique is 'Worry Bubbles.' We also have access to 'Calm Creatures' and our class Worry Monster in our Calm Corner. All these new skills that they have learnt along with 'Letting your light shine,' making new friends, turn taking and learning strategies to independently resolve conflicts or utilising our daily 'Star Helper' who assists in modelling these behaviours has allowed the children to grow in confidence and independence.

EYFS Forest School sessions
Wednesday 25 May 2022
EYFS Jubilee Art
Friday 20 May 2022
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Summer Term

We are looking forward to welcoming the children back into school happy and ready to start the new term ahead.

This terms topic is 'Animal Magic.' We are starting with the Pathways text, 'Silly Doggy!' by Adam Stower. We will also be reading 'I want a Pet' and 'Pesky Rat,' by Lauren Child. Over the term we will we will make observations, explore and investigate a range of different animals, including pets and wild animals. We have a 'Vets' and 'Outdoor Café' as our role play areas.
If isolating at home please see attached 'Pets Home Learning' PDF.

During the Summer term, we will continue our Wellbeing Wednesday activities. So far, we have 8 activities ticked off our Reception Resilience Passport and will embed our Growth Mindset I CAN lessons.

We are continuing our Read Write Inc sessions and the children will be practising segmenting, blending and writing words with 4 and 5 sounds, such as, 'think,' and 'ribbon.' The children love our celebrations, the alligator chomp, the karate cheer and the cheese grater are our new favourites.

Our reading area is enhanced with a talking stories CD player. Up to six children at a time can enjoy listening to familiar stories visualising it as they listen. We will discuss what they think the characters and setting look like and be practising using any new vocabulary they have heard in a sentence. We have also added masks and a puppet theatre from the stories to help with retelling them.

Mastery Maths
We will continue to practise our number formation using our class rhymes and use the Numberblocks, Numicon, straws and multilink cubes to secure our understanding the composition of numbers to 10 and beyond. We will also be doing lots of automatic recall of doubles and number bonds to 5 and then 10. The children will have a 'Talking Partner' to work with during carpet time and work together using Kagan Cooperative Learning Strategies to help solve mathematical puzzles and problems. We will also be looking at measurement, in particular, length and time and consolidating our previous work on pattern and shape.

Routines in Reception
Our P.E. lessons take place on Monday. Please come to school dressed in PE kit on this day. Also, the children are encouraged to bring labelled water bottles to access during the day.

In school, alongside 1:1 reading with an adult, children will also take part in 'Guided Reading.' This is where the children will work with an adult in a small group, all reading the same text. We try to read with the children as often as possible at school and ask that the children read with an adult at home as often as possible. The children need to bring their school diaries every day.

Useful links – some nice games for practising phonics – maths games to play at home – the games are super for the children to practise their mouse skills on a computer

Tutor Bot contains completely free online maths games where children can practice their mathematics skills.

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