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Home Learning

Home Learning
If your child is unable to attend school due to self-isolation, but is able to continue their learning at home, then here are some suggested activities for your child to participate in. Additional tasks will be emailed to you via Parent Mail.

Year 2 have explored statistics over the last few weeks.
Activity Make Tally Charts
Make Tally Charts

Activity Draw Pictograms
Draw Pictograms
Activity Draw Pictogram 2,5 and 10
Draw Pictograms 2,5 and 10
Interpret Pictograms
Interpret Pictograms 2,5 and 10
Block Graphs

We are about to begin Multiplication.
Make equal groups
Make equal groups sharing
Make equal groups – grouping

RWInc Spelling -- Resources attached as a pdf

Unit 1: The or sound spelt a before l and ll.
Unit 2: Soft c.
Unit 3: Adding the suffix -y (1)
Unit 4: Adding the suffix -y (2)
Unit 5: Adding the suffix -ly
Unit 6: The n sound spelt kn and gn.
Unit 7: The igh sound spelt y.
Unit 8: Adding the suffix -ing (1).
Unit 9: Adding the suffix -ing (2).
Unit 10: The j sound.
Unit 11: The o sound spelt a after w and qu.

Mr Whoops Grammar activities have been attached as a pdf for you to try.

Try a Mini Mission to develop computational thinking. Attached as a pdf.

Please also practise times tables on TTRS or number facts on Numbots and enjoy reading a book.

We look forward to seeing you back into school soon.

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