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Welcome to Year 2 – Pearl Class!

Mrs Richardson and Mrs Smith

Auterm Term : Our topic this term in Year 2 is 'Fire! Fire!'

Everyone is Welcome in Pearl Class
Saturday 18 November 2023
English in Pearl Class
Friday 17 November 2023

Our Topic

Our exciting topic 'Fire! Fire!' will lead us to find out about events in History and to ask questions such was this the only 'Great' fire recorded and to consider the similarities and differences between the two events..

In History, we will be studying the Great Fire of London. We will be placing events in chronological order and using common words and phrases relating to the passing of time. We will ask why people behaved as they did, why events happened and what happened as a result. We will find out about the past from a range of sources including paintings, artefacts and the written accounts of eyewitnesses such as Samuel Pepys. We will ask questions such was this the only 'Great' fire recorded. Through a local study of Nantwich, the children will learn about the Great Fire of 1583 which was a catastrophic event in the history of Nantwich, destroying most of the town. The children will compare the two fires.


In Geography, they will study Nantwich as a local area. They will compare a village (Audlem), a town (Nantwich) and a city (London), identifying the physical and human features of a place. They will ask: How is a town different from the city? They will create simple maps and plans. They will give directions and use coordinates to pinpoint places on a map.


In Science, the children will learn to identify and compare the suitability of a variety of everyday materials for particular uses. They will classify and group various materials according to their properties. They will investigate how materials can be changed through bending, twisting, stretching and squashing.


In English the children will study many versions of Traditional stories including Troll by Julia Donaldson and Troll Swap by Leigh Hodgkinson . They will also examine stories and myths about fiery dragons and they will look at stories related to Fire and its origins . Understanding the importance of sentence structure and t he u se of punctuation to demarcate sentences will be a key focus in writing. They will be concentrating on spelling homophones (see/sea) and common high frequency words. The children will be given extra common words as spelling every 2 weeks to learn.

The children will continue revise their spelling of the Year 1 and Year 2 common exception words.


Throughout the term, the children will be concentrating on number looking at counting, place value, addition and subtraction. They will deepen their learning through problem solving activities and use reasoning skills to explain. They will also develop their understanding of money by counting money, selecting the correct amount, finding totals and giving change.

Maths Online Games

Number names

Ordering numbers

Addition Games

Times Tables

Place Value

Using storybook illustration as a stimulus, children develop their mark making skills to explore a wider range of tools and experiment with creating patterned surfaces to add texture and detail to drawings.
The children will also look at patterns in buildings around them using a viewfinder and sketch chosen detail. They will create observational drawing, rubbings and prints. They will then discuss the geometric and decorative features of the patterns collected.
In the second half term, the children will explore Sculpture and 3D elements of Art through clay.
Developing their ability to work with clay, children learn how to create simple thumb pots then explore the work of sculptor Rachel White read and apply her ideas in a final piece that uses techniques such as cutting, shaping, joining and impressing into clay.

In Music, they will accompany a song with untuned and tuned percussion instruments and to
compose a piece of music about Fire. They will explore the use of dynamics, tempo, beat and pitch.

Design and Technology
Textiles: The children will learn how to sew a running stitch ready to design, make and decorate a fiery night skyline using a template.

Religious Education

In R.E. the children will be asking questions such as: Why are stories important in different ways? How can they be puzzling? What can people learn from them? What books and stories are special to Christians? What is a sacred text? Why is the Bible important to Christians?


The children's wellbeing is our priority. We will also be developing our wellbeing toolkit and promoting self-regulation using The Zones of Regulation.

Physical Education

Amaven provide 'Movement of the Day' activities and homework targeted to meet your child's needs. Log in using your child's personal login and then complete homework tasks each week.

Cosmic Kids Yoga can be used for meditation and to try out a Yoga Session.

You can contact us at to share your adventures or ask any questions.

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