Children's Mental Health Week

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Our Assembly on Monday launched Children's Mental Health Week 4th — 10th February, 2019. The Week was set up by the children's mental health charity Place2Be to shine a spotlight on the importance of children and young people's mental health. This year we explored the theme Healthy: Inside and Out — encouraging everyone to think about how they look after their bodies and minds. When we think about healthy living, we tend to focus on looking after our bodies — our physical wellbeing — through food, being active and getting enough sleep.
However, in order to be healthy overall, it's important that we look after our minds — our mental wellbeing. Our bodies and minds are actually very closely linked, so things that we do to improve our physical wellbeing can help our mental wellbeing as well. When we take steps to be Healthy: Inside and Out, it helps us to feel better in ourselves, focus on what we want to do and deal with difficult times. We thought about the steps we have already taken in school to promote wellbeing within school including 'Our Calm Corners' in classrooms, Worry Monsters and worry boxes to help children share their concerns and resource boxes available in each classroom. We were then introduced to the Blob Tree as a tool to encourage children to understand their feelings, talk about them and then master them.

childrens mental health week