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The children at Audlem St James Primary school have been working to complete enrichment activities in an activity passport published by the Department of Education. At Audlem St James, we have called this our Resilience Passport. Each class started to work on these tasks collaboratively with their teacher. By building in opportunities for pupils to undertake activities as part of a group, we hope to help pupils to build positive relationships and work as a team.This will also ensure activities are accessible to everyone.
Giving young people the opportunity to try new things and develop new skills can be hugely beneficial. It can help children to grow in confidence, expand their understanding of the world around them, or introduce a hobby or passion that could last for years to come.
The children have experienced a range of activities across school from learning to 'Moon Walk' to learning to take notice of nature in the school environment by being nature detectives.
The children have requested that the Resilience Passports are added to their homework books so that they can work on them at home. Most children in school have completed six or more activities. Some children have completed ten activities.

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