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'Years 5 and 6 enjoyed their residential trip to Stratford-upon-Avon. Year 6 worked with the Royal Shakespeare Company to learn all about Macbeth, acting out some very gruesome scenes! The trip included a visit to Shakespeare's birthplace, an enthusiastic disco night and a disco night, and a visit to a butterfly farm. The children were very brave holding cockroaches and stick insets, and occasionally were landed on by a beautiful butterfly.'

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Griff storytelling artwork
School webteam: Tue 26 May 2:38pm

Year 6 have been creating some wonderful storytelling art to show their feelings about their time during lockdown. Some use colours to represent feelings whilst others show how life has changed for them. They have also been learning about shading to create tone and texture, and have created some lovely abstract art as well some fabulous land-art inspired by Andy...

School webteam: Thu 21 May 8:34pm

Sapphire and Pearl Class have been studying people who have made a significant contribution nationally or internationally to Natural History, Science, Botany or the Natural World.Carl Linnaeus (1707- 1778)Carl Linnaeus was a Swedish naturalist. He created two scientific systems: the system for classifying plants and animals and the system for naming all living things. Linnaeus is also called...

Den building
School webteam: Tue 19 May 3:20pm

Challenge: Design the ideal den and wild habitat for young people.First decide where your den will be sited. It needs to be a safe place and you may need to ask permission before construction.The Den CommandmentsRespect the environmentPlease don't damage the den site; true den masters leave no trace.Always tidy up after yourself .Look after living trees and plants: they take years...

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Griff storytelling artwork
Storytelling Art
School webteam: Tue 26 May 2:38pm
Significant figures in History
School webteam: Thu 21 May 8:34pm
Den building
The Den Commandments
School webteam: Tue 19 May 3:20pm
Andy Goldsworthy
Exploring Art
School webteam: Tue 19 May 3:02pm
IMG_5153 fern
Classifying trees and plants
School webteam: Mon 18 May 7:50pm
bird feeder 2
Acts of Kindness
School webteam: Mon 18 May 9:31am
Image: 280420-MHAW-Printable-Poster-BW-A3
Mental Health Awareness Week
School webteam: Mon 18 May 7:57am
Dandelion Day
School webteam: Fri 15 May 8:50am

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