Philosophy for Children sessions in Ruby and Diamond Class

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For our Harvest activity this week, the children in Ruby Class watched a video from the 'Send a Cow' appeal website about how climate change is affecting people around the world, particularly a family in Ethiopia, Africa. We then had a P4C session in which we debated the 'Philosotree' statement: Climate change doesn't affect Britain all that much, so we shouldn't have to change. The arguments put forward by the children were overwhelmingly against the statement (though they did manage to come up with some counter-arguments for the sake of a balanced debate) so the Philosotree was blown down by the gusts of wind and lightning bolts that the children provided.


Year 6 have been finding out more about how Climate Change affects different parts of the world and have been thinking about philosophical questions they would like to debate. Our chosen question was: Why do people use paper instead of plastic if they are both bad for the environment? They have also been finding out more about the main world religions to see how they compare and to notice how many world religions have kindness and leading good lives at their core. A very thought provoking week!