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This week in Diamond Class — 19th November 2021

Welcome to our Year 6 class page. Here you will find an overview of our planned learning for the Autumn term as well as the week ahead.

Dear Parents and Carers

Year 6 have had another lovely week. We are looking forward to next week as we will be preparing for the Big Switch On which takes place on Friday 26th November. All parents should have received an email with details about the event, but I have given out some papers copies requested by the children. We hope to see all of Year 6 attending as this will be their last chance to take part with the school, so please do send back your replies to the office or to me.

Thank you for your support with getting homework in on the correct day. It makes such a difference if they have their work with them while we are discussing the answers. Your child has also had their spelling test today and should have written their test score into their reading record. I am starting to listen to children read one to one so that I can assess whether their personal reading book offers them the correct level of challenge. If your child has any difficulties with reading, please listen to them read their book as often as possible so that you can judge whether your child has chosen a book which is not too hard but also not too easy.

For next week's homework, I would like the children to compete the attached maths questions about short multiplication. We have been securing our fluency with this method, this week, but I am also including a link to a video which follows the method which we use to teach the topic, should your child find it helpful: Multiply 4 digits by 1 digit.

I would also like them to practise the four times table and have set TTRockstars so that they are offered these questions only. I would like the children to play for at least 5 minutes per day. Regular practice will improve their recall significantly, and I am hoping that they will be secure by the end of the week. We have also set up a TTRockstars competition between all of the classes in Key Stage 2, so I am hoping we will win!

The new spellings continue to revise the Year 3 and Year 4 common exception words and are attached for your information. I would appreciate your support with helping your child to learn these common words so that they can use them in their writing.

I shall also be taking in all reading diaries over the week, next week, so could you please support your child with updating their reading record so that they write down the name of the book they are reading, the page numbers they have read and how long they read for. 

We also have our Halle Orchestra workshop coming up very soon, so if you could please send in payment if you haven't already done so, that would really help.

Many thanks for your support — it is much appreciated.

Have a lovely week,

Jane Bird

This week's spellings:
€ Occasion
€ Occasionally
€ Often
€ Opposite
€ Ordinary
€ Particular
€ Peculiar
€ Perhaps
€ Popular
€ Position
€ Possess
€ Possession

Autumn Overview:

Dear Diamond Class Parents, Carers and Children,

I would like to offer a warm welcome to Year 6 and introduce myself as your Year 6 teacher. I am really looking forward to seeing all the children back in school on Thursday 3rd September.

I thought it might be helpful to tell you a little bit about myself, what we will learn when you return and how routines may be slightly different over the next few months. As this is my eighth year teaching Year 6 at Audlem St. James, I am sure I may have met many of you before, but, if you are new to our school, please feel free to introduce yourself when you are dropping off or collecting your child; it would be lovely to meet you in person.

I really enjoy teaching Year 6 as the children are at a pivotal period in their education, and we get to do lots of extra things such as be team captains, or Head Boy and Girl, or looking after the new Reception children. There are many responsibilities that come with being in Year 6, and I enjoy seeing how much the children develop and mature as they face the exciting challenges ahead.

As well as teaching Year 6, I am often busy being one of the Assistant Headteachers along with Mrs Richardson. I also have responsibility for Maths across the school which I love because it is very rewarding helping children to realise that everyone can do maths. Mrs Richardson and I also have responsibility for English across the school, and I am particularly looking forward to teaching our first English unit as it will be using a book about World War Two which links well with our History topic.

Although I know most of the children quite well, I am really looking forward to getting to know them and for us to learn lots of new things together. During the second half of autumn term, we shall be participating in 'Forest Schools' every Monday morning starting on the 8th November. This will be a lovely opportunity for the children to enjoy learning outdoors and do exciting activities such as den-building, fire-building, archery and many more.

We shall also begin our History topic which is 'World War 2'. This is a great topic and one which children always find very engrossing. We have had some wonderful baking creations made from rationed ingredients, in the past, and I hope we shall be able to have our 'Evacuee Day' this term. Linked to our History topic, we shall learn about Henry Moore (a well-known war artist) and create some sculptures of our own. We shall also paint some watercolours about the battle at Dunkirk.

We shall, of course, get back into learning maths again, but I realise that some gaps may have arisen over the past two years, so we will be revisiting the Year 5 curriculum to check that the children feel secure before moving on to the Year 6 learning.

I would also really like the children to engage with reading again if they have been having a bit of a break, so please help your child to choose something they can bring in to read each day. To start with, this can be a book (fiction or non-fiction), a comic, a children's magazine or a children's newspaper. I have a good selection of books and children's magazines in class, but if you have any books at home that your child no longer needs, and they are appropriate for Year 6, then I would welcome any good-quality donations; it would be much appreciated.

We have a lovely classroom, but rather than sitting in groups, we shall be sitting in rows facing the teacher for the foreseeable future. The children will sit in pairs, but will sit with someone I know they can work well with. We shall have assemblies in class, and the lunchtimes and break times will be staggered to allow the children plenty of space to relax and play.

I'm sure many of the children can't wait to get back to school to see their friends again, or to make new friends, and all the staff are so excited to welcome them all back again, but some may still feel a little nervous about returning. I shall be working hard to make your child feel safe and ready to learn again, but if you have any questions or concerns about anything at all, please feel free to contact me on our class email: .

I would also love to hear all about your child: their hobbies, their favourite subjects, their favourite author, even a photo for our class page — anything at all! If you have a moment, it would be lovely if you could drop me an email to introduce yourself or for your child to tell me something they would like me to know.
More information about the learning in Year 6 will follow in September, but for now, I look forward to seeing you all soon.

For an overview of our learning for Autumn term, please see below:

Kind regards

Mrs Jane Bird

English: We shall begin the term with a unit linked to our History topic on WW2. For guided reading, we shall read a book called 'When We Were Warriors' which is about evacuees. In writing lessons, we shall read a book called 'Star of Fear, Star of Hope' which is about a young girl living in France during the Nazi occupation. We will secure of our use of basic punctuation as well as develop the skills needed to write a 'flashback' story. We shall learn spellings and read for pleasure, every day, and will have regular handwriting practice until the children have developed a joined clear handwriting style.

Maths: Throughout the term, the children will be working on their understanding of place value using numbers to ten million. They will also develop their calculation skills ensuring they can add and subtract large numbers, and can use long and short multiplication and long and short division. They will then move onto fractions, learning to add and subtract, and divide and multiply fractions with the same and different denominators. At the end of term, we shall learning about position and direction. Along the way, the children will develop their reasoning and problem solving skills, their mental maths skills as well as secure all of their times tables to 12x12.

Science: The children will be learning about light and how it travels in straight lines. They will investigate: shadows and how they change; how light splits; how light reflects; and coloured light mixing. They will learn to work scientifically by planning lines of enquiry, using measuring equipment and recording results. They will also begin to learn about electricity, investigating simple circuits and drawing diagrams. They will also find out about what affects the brightness of a bulb.

Creative: Our creative work will be linked to our topic which will be World War Two. The children will study various war artists as well as the shapes used by Henry Moore, and then use photographs of WW2 scenes to develop their sketching skills. We shall study Henry Moore's sculptures and create some of our own. In DT, the children will construct Christmas decorations using their knowledge of electricity, linked to science. We shall also study the music of Hans Zimmer and his connections to films such as 'Dunkirk'.

PE and Forest Schools: In P.E. we shall be learning how to play tag rugby with Northwest Coaching who will teach the class every Tuesday afternoon. Children should wear their full PE kit on that day, making sure they have warm layers and jogging bottoms in case it's a little cold.
In order to maintain separation between the class bubbles, Y4, Y5 and Y6 need to make use of the field every playtime. As the weather changes, this may mean that the field may be damp, so could children please also bring in a pair of old shoes or wellies, which they can leave in school.
After half-term, the children will participate in Forest Schools with Mr Hadfield, a qualified Forest Schools instructor. Children will need to come to school in their outdoor clothes and bring their school uniform and school shoes in a bag so that they can get changed at lunchtimes if their clothes are wet.

RE: We shall be reflecting on the questions: What do different people believe about God and compare these beliefs with those of other faiths. We shall also consider the role of Christian Charities and how people express their faith through their actions.

History and Geography: We shall be studying the theatres of war during WW2, the axis of powers and the significant figures from all the countries involved. We shall learn about evacuees and how the war impacted on our local area and region. The children will also learn about the main aspects of the Holocaust and we shall link this to our class book which will be 'Once' by Morris Gleitzman. We shall explore food and farming, and what life was like for children, and consider how the war impacted on society and what changes it brought long-term. We shall develop our history skills by considering causation, evaluating evidence, impact and pace of change and significance of evidence.

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