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Home learning Friday 18th June 2021

9.00am PSHE Keeping Safe: Road Safety
1. Go to Oak National Academy to find out about road safety when travelling by bike or car, and to write a fact sheet. Please bring in your fact sheet into school on Monday.

11.00am Live maths lesson with Mrs Bird. Zoom link has been sent via email.

1.00pm PSHE Eat well, live well: Images in the media
1. Go to Oak National Academy to find out about how images are manipulated in the media, and then write a postcard to give to someone and make them smile.

1.30pm Praise assembly. Please make sure the children are on, especially our team captains! The Zoom link was sent earlier in the week.

2.45pm Dance with Mrs Richardson via Zoom.

Home learning Thursday 17th June 2021

9.00am History — this is a change to the intended Science lesson which was on the week's overview sent out last weekend as I feel that the next lesson would be better delivered in class. Instead, I would like the children to find out what they can about Maya masks and then design their own. I am attaching two presentations the children can look through, but I would encourage them to do their own research before planning and designing their own mask. I am also attaching a template which they can use, but they can simply draw an outline of a face on a plain piece of paper if that is easier. They will need to bring in their mask design next week along with an empty plastic milk bottle which they will use to paper mache over the top of. I have shown the children, on Zoom, the type and size of the milk bottle, but a 4-pint one would be perfect. I am collecting spares in case you don't buy milk in plastic bottles, but if we could all bring in more than one then we should be able to pass them on to those who don't have one. Next week, the children will use the bottle as the structure upon which they will create their masks, so the designs will be really important. The children should decide what type of mask they are going to decide i.e. what is it's purpose? Then decide what materials would it have been made of e.g. jade, wood? They will also need to be mindful of the fact that this will be a 3D structure which presents its own challenges! I look forward to seeing their wonderful designs next week.

11.00am Live Maths with Mrs Bird. This will via Zoom for one hour.

1.00pm PSHE Eat well, live well: Time to get active!
1. Go to Oak National Academy to learn about the importance of exercise and take your own heart rate.
2. Create an exercise timetable which we can use in school. Bring this in next week to be stuck into the Science books.

2.00pm PSHE Eat well, live well: Pearly whites
1. Go to Oak National Academy to learn about the importance of looking after your teeth.
2. Write a set of instructions for how to get a 'million-dollar' smile. Bring this in on Monday to go into your Science books.

Home learning Wednesday 16th June 2021

9.00am Science: Animals including humans — Transporting water and nutrients
1. Open the PowerPoint/PDF and try to match the types of nutrients with the reason why we need them.
2. Read through the information which explain the processes of the digestive and excretory systems, and complete the activity called 'Digestive system functions activity sheet'. You need to name the part and explain its function.
3. Watch this BBC Bitesize video about nutrients, and this video on BBC Teach which is about the digestive system
4. Open the activity sheet called 'Where are nutrients needed?'. You will need to label the four body parts with the nutrients which that part of the body needs to be healthy. The four areas are: The circulatory and the digestive systems, the skeleton, muscles and the skin (including hair and nails). You will need to use some of the information you have learned so far, but you will also need to do your own research. Label the diagram and then bring your completed sheets into school so that we can put them into your science books. Please maintain a high standard of presentation e.g. clear and neat handwriting, use of a ruler, handwriting pen or pencil.

11.00am Maths with Mrs Bird — via Zoom. Please see link sent via Parentmail.
The children will just need a piece of paper and a pen or pencil.

1.00pm PSHE Bullying and teasing.
1. Follow this link to Oak National Academy
2. During the lesson, you will be asked to create an anti-bullying poster for school. Please bring these in next Monday so that we can display them. Any size is fine, and you can use the computer if you prefer. Just make sure it is eye-catching and has enough information for people to learn something from.

2.00pm Live PE lesson with Miss Firth on Zoom. This will be a fitness session, so the children should be in comfortable PE clothes. The lesson will be for about an hour and they will accompanied by Mrs Tailor on the call. Mr Perry may also pop on to see how the children are getting on. Here is the Zoom link:

I hope you all enjoy the day.

Kind regards

Jane Bird

Welcome back to our Summer term learning

Hello all Year 6 children, parents and carers,

I am looking forward to seeing you all again and to working together for our last term. We have lots of great topics to learn about, and I have listed below a flavour of what we will be doing. A copy of the newsletter will be sent home to you in our first week back which explains further what we will be learning.

Our priority will be to settle the children back into learning and to prepare them for their transition to high school. We have prioritised the areas of learning which will be most beneficial to them in Year 7 and will be organising some after-school booster sessions and interventions to help everyone get the most from our last term in primary school. Letters about this will follow.

During our Healthy Week in June, we shall also be holding our 'Growing Up' talks which discusses puberty and physical and emotional changes. The content of the unit will be sent to you in advance. We shall also be having our sports day that week and further details will follow from Mr Perry about arrangements for parents, nearer the time.

Reading will be a high-priority this term to ensure that the children are equipped with the skills they will need for high school. I therefore ask that the children read daily and update their home/school reading diary, and then bring this into school each day. Some of our Year 6 children still seem to need some help with being ready to learn each day, so I would encourage you to put in place some routines which help your child to become independent in organising their resources for the day e.g. help them to organise what needs to go into their bag each day, ensuring that they have the correct shoes and uniform and organising the correct PE kit the night before.

Our PE will continue to be on Wednesdays, so the children can still come in on those days in their school PE kits. We still expect the children to wear appropriate PE clothes for their lessons: plain dark shorts or leggings/joggers, trainers and a house-coloured T-shirt. Please encourage your child to keep their nails short, especially for PE, and to tie their hair each day in a neat and presentable style, if it is shoulder-length or longer. Nail polish and jewellery are not permitted although the children can wear watches and small earrings. We ask that the watches are not 'smart' watches as we cannot monitor and keep pace with the increasing functionality (which can now include taking photographs), and they can become a distraction in the classroom as well as a safeguarding issue. Analogue watches are more suitable, or simple digital watches.

Our learning for the term includes:
Maths: Throughout the term, we shall be revising areas of arithmetic to ensure they are secure before the children start in Year 7. We shall revise methods of multiplication and division as well as fractions, but will also learn ratio, percentages, measuring and describing angles and problem solving. We shall be working on maths through statistics using computers, and will revise shape and measures.

Please follow this link to go to a website which allows your child to practise many areas of mental calculation.

English: This term, the children will continue to develop their reading comprehension skills so that they can read and retrieve information from across the curriculum through the book 'Explorer' by Katherine Rundell. The children will also be encouraged to read good-quality texts to build their stamina for reading in readiness for Year 7. Our writing this term will include finding out more about the life of Charles Darwin which links to our Science topic. In our English lessons, we shall be learning about the life of Jacques Cousteau and will be writing biographies. To complement our writing, we shall be reading 'Dolphin Song' by Lauren St. John, and for pleasure, we shall be reading a wonderful book called 'Can You See Me? By Libby Scott and Rebecca Westcott about a ten-year-old autistic girl who starts high school.
Science: The children will continue to learn about Evolution before moving on to learning about animals including humans. We will learn about the human circulatory system, in particular, the functions of the heart, blood vessels and blood; recognise the impact of diet, exercise, drugs and lifestyle on the way their bodies function; and, describe the ways in which nutrients and water are transported within animals, including humans.
PE: We will aim to work on our athletics skills which include throwing, jumping and running. We shall also learn about the sports played by the ancient Maya. The children should continue to use their Amaven account to try out some activities, where possible, to work on their fitness. We shall also be practising some events in preparation for our Sports Day which will take place in June, during Healthy Week.
History and Geography: The children shall be exploring the Maya people as well as finish their Mexico topic. We shall begin with comparing the Maya with the Anglo-Saxons to enable the children to understand when the Maya people lived and compare with significant periods in British history. We shall look at the writing system used and create Maya writing of our own. We will learn about the meaning of the glyphs on the Copan Staircase and the importance of art in their culture, as well the Mayan counting system and their calendar. We shall also explore Mayan trade, religion, farming and everyday life.
RE: We will learn more about Islam: why the 5 Pillars are important to Muslims and how they affect their life choices. We shall also learn about Hindu beliefs about God and the created world, as well as life after death, practices and ways of like, and why and how Hindus show respect for all living things.
Art and DT: This will be linked to our topic work on the ancient Maya civilisation. The children will first study the Maya written language and then learn how to draw the Maya glyphs to create their own names. They will also create their own glyphs to represent their own personalities and qualities. They will learn how the Maya were great artists and how art was used to decorate monuments to great rulers, such as the Copan Staircase. We shall also look at the role masks were used in their culture and hopefully make some of our own using paper maché.
Computing: We shall learn how to use spreadsheets to enable more complex problem solving and 'What if?' scenarios. We also hope to include a unit on coding of Lego robots. The children will also learn how to keep safe on the internet and on social media as part of their preparation for transition to high school. We shall continue to use the internet to search for information and how to determine reliable sources of information.

If you have a worry, a question, or there's something I need to know, please feel free to contact me either by calling the school office or by emailing me on the class email address which is: . Please note that approval for any absences, including medical appointments, can only be made by contacting Mr Perry at Alternatively, you can contact the school office to request an absence form.

Please be assured that your child's well being and safety is our priority. We have a range of support interventions available within school, and every class has a 'worry monster' for your child to write down and 'post' any worries they want to share, but don't want to talk about. I will then address your child's worry in a way which supports your child best. We will be ensuring that the children are as prepared as possible for high school and we shall follow the 'Be Awesome, Go Big' transition programme throughout the term. I shall also share with you any helpful information from your child's high school, but if you have any specific concerns around transition, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Best wishes

Mrs Bird

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