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Home learning Summer Week 6 1st June 2020:

This week's home learning schedule has been sent via Parentmail, but a copy plus all foundation subject activities are linked to this page. The maths White Rose questions and answers are no longer available on the class page but have been sent via Parentmail, instead.

Summer Term Topics

We shall be trying to follow our Summer term topics as close as possible, so I have listed below the main areas of our Summer term learning:

Geography and History: This term, the children shall be exploring the ancient Maya civilisation as well as finish their Mexico topic. We shall begin with comparing the Maya with the Anglo-Saxons to enable the children to understand when the Maya people lived and compare with significant periods in British history. We shall look at the writing system used and create Maya writing of our own. We will learn about the meaning of the glyphs on the Copan Staircase and the importance of art in their culture, as well the Mayan counting system and their calendar. We shall also explore Mayan trade, religion, farming and everyday life.

English: This term, the children will continue to develop their reading comprehension skills so that they can read and retrieve information from across the curriculum. We shall also continue to revise areas of grammar and punctuation, as well as write poems about themselves in readiness for the end of the school year. Different pieces of writing will be set so that your child is able to write creatively as well as to provide information. We shall analyse good models of writing by well-known authors so that we learn how to use correct structure, language and grammar to suit the purpose and audience. Ideally, we shall use our topic as our stimulus, but we shall explore texts outside of the topic, too, where it is most appropriate.

Maths: The children will be working problem solving to apply what they have learned so far and secure our arithmetic skills. We shall also learn about percentages, more on decimals, coordinates, translations and reflections, as well as calculating perimeter, area and volume, and use measurements in different contexts. We will look at angles, ratio, the mean average, time and shape and will revise Roman numerals. We shall then finish with more statistics, algebra and graphs.

Science: The children will continue to learn about Evolution before moving on to learning about the classification of living things. They will learn about how scientists use observable characteristics to classify and name plants and animals. We will aim to revise our learning about the human circulatory system, in particular, the functions of the heart, blood vessels and blood; recognise the impact of diet, exercise, drugs and lifestyle on the way their bodies function; and, describe the ways in which nutrients and water are transported within animals, including humans.

P.E.: This term, we will aim to work on our athletics skills which include throwing, jumping and running. We shall also learn about the sports played by the ancient Maya. The children should continue to use their Amaven account to try out some activities, where possible, to work on their fitness.

Art and Design Technology: Our art and DT will be linked to our topic work on the ancient Maya civilisation. The children will first study the Maya written language and then learn how to draw the Maya glyphs to create their own names. They will also create their own glyphs to represent their own personalities and qualities. They will learn how the Maya were great artists and how art was used to decorate monuments to great rulers, such as the Copan Staircase. We shall also look at the role masks were used in their culture and hopefully make some of our own using paper maché.

Computing: We shall continue to use spreadsheets to assist in our learning about data in maths and will use more advanced instructions to build Lego robots. The children will also learn how to keep safe on the internet and on social media as part of their preparation for transition to high school. We shall continue to use the internet to search for information and how to determine reliable sources of information.

R.E. and Transition to high school: This term, we will learn more about Islam, why the 5 Pillars are important to Muslims and how they affect their life choices.

We shall also spend time thinking about our expectations of high school, explore what changes we will be expecting and think of solutions to any concerns. Hopefully, we will be able to run our 'Growing Up' talks before the end of term. The end of the school year would not be complete without a way for the children to remember their time at Audlem St. James. Our aim is to still hold our Leavers' service, whether this be 'virtually' or in person. Either way, we will be dedicating our efforts to ensure the children get a good send-off.

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