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Remote Learning Wednesday 27th January

9.00am Maths — MyMaths
1. Please login to MyMaths using the school code which is 'audlem' and then 'divide240', then login to your personal portal using your own personal login.
2. You will see that you have been allocated two tasks to do.
3. Complete the first lesson called 'Co-ordinates 1 — positive'.
4. Complete the online homework for this lesson.
5. Complete the second lesson called 'Co-ordinates 2 — negative'.
6. Complete the online homework for this lesson, too.

10.30am English — Identify the features of a non-chronological report
1. Click here to watch the lesson from Oak National Academy.
2. Practise your spellings a couple of times. You should have written these words from Monday's lesson.

1.15-2.00pm Zoom call — Chill and chat with Year 6
A Zoom call invitation has been sent Via Parentmail. The children will need access to a second device to play Kahoot (such as a mobile phone), or they can open a second tab if they don't have another device to use.

2.00pm Science — Vertebrates
1. Please open the Powerpoint attached to this page, called 'Science lesson vertebrates'. Work through all of the activities and access the links to do further research. You will need to do your own research on an animal or pet of your choice.
2. Complete all work in your Topic book. This should include your mindmaps.
3. You do not need to send this work to me yet as I am trying to get all parents set up on an App called Seesaw which will allow you to upload work and receive verbal feedback. I will be in touch once I have got it all up and running.

Remote learning Tuesday 26th January

9.00am Maths — Quadrants
Today, I would like the children to choose which lesson they would like to do depending on how well they got on with the maths from Monday which was about the first quadrant. Some children may have found this work challenging as it may have been some time since they worked with shapes and co-ordinates. Therefore, please choose the appropriate lesson below for your child:
1. Click here if you would like to revise work on co-ordinates from Year 4 and 5. There is not yet a video from White Rose on this, but the link will take you to BBC Bitesize instead which revises the basics for you. The questions and answers from White Rose have been sent to parents and carers via Parentmail.
2. Click here if you are ready to move onto working with all four quadrants.

10.30am English with Mrs Bird
1. Click here to view today's English lesson with Mrs Bird.
2. You will need your English book for this lesson.

1.00pm Guided reading with Mrs Bird
1. Click here to listen to more of The Jungle Book and answer some inference questions.

1.30pm Assembly with Mr Perry
A Zoom invitation has been sent by Mr Perry.

2.00pm Geography — What is trade?
1. Click here to go to BBC Bitesize and learn more about what trade is.
2. Open the PDF document called 'What is trade?' on the class page.
3. Please complete one of the activities and mark your answers. Most of you should be completing 2-stars or 3-stars work.
1-star Working towards Year 6 standard
2-star Working at Year 6 standard
3-star Working at a greater depth
4. Most of you will be capable of completing the 2-star work and then complete the 3-star work where you need to create two graphs.
5. Please glue in all work neatly into your Topic book and send a copy to Mrs Bird.

Remote learning Monday 25th January

9.00am Maths — First quadrant
1. Click here to watch today's lesson from White Rose on using the first quadrant when describing position and direction.
2. Complete the questions sent via Parentmail, then mark your answers. You do not need to send copies of these to Mrs Bird.

10.30am English — revision of spelling and modal verbs
1. Click here to watch today's lesson from the Oak National Academy on spellings and modal verbs.
2. Please complete all your work in your English book and put today's date.

1.00pm Guided reading
1. Click here to watch today's lesson about skimming and scanning texts.
2. Complete all tasks and write them into your English book with today's date.

1.30pm Art — photography
1. Click here to watch today's art lesson from the Oak National Academy.
2. You will need a device to take and edit a photograph.
3. When you have completed your photo challenge, please email it to Mrs Bird at

2.15pm Maths clinic on Zoom
If you need help with your maths today, or with any maths from last week, please join Mrs Bird on Zoom. Mrs Bird will be online between 2.15pm and 3.00pm to answer any questions or show you any methods relating to our recent maths lessons. The details of the Zoom call have been emailed via Parentmail.

Remote learning Friday 22nd January

9.00am Story time
Click here to listen to Mrs Bird read the next part of 'Once'.

9.15-10.00am Year 6 Zoom catch-up
In the call, we shall do a small spelling test, see if anyone needs any help with the learning, and see how everyone's week has been.

10.30am English
1. Click here to watch today's English lesson with Mrs Bird.
2. Here is the link to BBC Bitesize although there is also a link below the video which you can click on.

1.00pm Maths — Compare and order (numerator)
1. Click here to watch the lesson with White Rose.
2. Answer the questions sent via Parentmail and mark your answers.

1.30pm Praise Assembly
Has your team won?? Are you in the Praise Book? Who has won Battle of the Bands on TTRockstars? Find out on today's Zoom assembly! The link has been sent by Mr Perry via Parentmail.

2.00pm Golden Time

2.30pm Finish maths

Remote learning Thursday 21st January

9.00am Maths — Compare and order (denominator)
1. Click here to watch today's lesson from White Rose.
2. Complete the questions sent via Parentmail and then mark your answers.

11.30am PE with CWone via Zoom.
1. The Zoom invitation has been sent via Parentmail.

1.00pm Guided reading with Mrs Bird
1. Click here to access today's guided reading video with Mrs Bird.
2. You will need to also view the PDF called 'The Amazing Rhinoceros' attached to this page.

2.00pm English with Mrs Bird
1. Click here to access today's English video with Mrs Bird.
2. Practise this week's spellings which are attached to this class page called 'Spellings letter string ough'.

Remote learning Wednesday 20th January

9.00am Maths — Fractions on a number line
1. Please click here to watch today's lesson from White Rose about placing fractions on a number line
2. Answer the questions sent via Parentmail and mark your answers.

10.30am English
1. Click here to access today's English lesson with Mrs Bird.

1.15pm Zoom call with Year 6 — Quizzes and chats
The invitation for the Zoom call has been sent via Parentmail.

2.00pm Science — Classification of animals
1. Read the Powerpoint about groups of animals which is attached to this page and called 'Lesson presentation Curious Creatures'.
2. Use the 'Characteristics Activity Sheet' to match the descriptions with the animal groups. Please choose the level you need to work at:
1-star Working towards the Year 6 standard
2-stars Working at the Year 6 standard
3-stars Working at greater depth

3. Mark your answers.
4. If you finish and wish to do the extension task, please download and complete the activity sheet called 'Curious Creatures Activity Sheet'. If you do complete this task, please send it via email to Mrs Bird.


Welcome back to a new term. Our topic in Diamond class for the Spring term is going to be 'Mexico'. We shall be using maps and atlases to locate and find out about the country, and shall locate and name bordering countries, oceans and seas, as well as analyse the terrain and climate using terms such as Tropics, Polar Regions, Latitude, Longitude and Equator. We will be finding out about the history of Mexico and compare it to that of the UK. We shall then look in more depth at the concept of trade. This will involve investigating the UK trade market, and comparing that to Mexico and El Salvador, which will then lead us to find out about the Fairtrade process. We will also learn about the global economy and how trade has changed throughout history. After half-term, we shall learn more about Mexican food, traditions and festivals including the 'Day of the Dead'.

For the first half-term, we shall be reading two texts within our guided reading groups: 'Martha's Suitcase' (a blog) and 'The Jungle Book'. We shall continue to develop the main reading skills of: prediction, exploring the meaning of words in context and retrieving and recording information. In addition, our focus 'Mastery' skills for this half-term are:

  • summarising the main ideas from more than one paragraph
  • drawing inferences and justifying with evidence
  • distinguishing between fact and opinion
  • identifying how language, structure and presentation contribute to meaning
  • evaluating authors' choice of language
  • making comparison's within and across texts

    We shall continue to read our class text 'Once', and will then move onto our new text based on Mexico which is called 'Crossing The Wire'.

    Reading is crucial for the understanding of many topics, and so we shall work on this in class in large and small groups, every day. Please ensure that your child updates their reading record book each time they read and brings it into class every day. These books should be signed by an adult each week so that the record it kept up to date and so that parents are aware of any messages placed in their by the class teacher or teaching assistant working with your child.

    We shall be continuing with our learning about racial discrimination and civil rights which will include learning about Martin Luther King Jr and Rosa Parks. We shall then move onto a new book called 'Can We Save the Tiger?' by Martin Jenkins, which will link with our learning about animals and our reading of 'The Jungle Book'. The children will learn how to write information texts and explanation texts, and some may also write a Newsround-style story. We shall continue our work on grammar and spelling to support our writing, and will develop the children's handwriting so that they regularly use a joined script.

    Our focus this half-term is fractions. We shall build on our prior learning and continue our work on factors and multiples. We will then learn about simplifying, comparing and ordering fractions and then learn how to calculate and solve problems.

    The children need to continue to develop their recall of their times tables using TTRockstars, and for those who need to revise addition and subtraction with single digits to improve their speed of calculation, Numbots can be accessed online using the TTRS logins. Certificates are awarded every Friday for children's progress.

    In Science, we shall learn about living things and their habitats. The children will learn to describe how living things are classified into broad groups according to common observable characteristics and based on similarities and differences, including micro-organisms, plants and animals, and give reasons for classifying plants and animals based on specific characteristics. We shall also learn about evolution and recognise that living things have changed over time and that fossils provide information about living things that inhabited the Earth millions of years ago .Additionally, we shall look at how living things produce offspring of the same kind, but normally offspring vary and are not identical to their parents, as well as learning to identify how animals and plants are adapted to suit their environment in different ways and that adaptation may lead to evolution.

    Our creative work will be linked to our Mexico topic. We shall learn about the work of Mexican artist Frida Kahlo and create our own portraits by analysing her style. We shall learn painting techniques and understand the properties of different media before exploring how to use acrylic paint to achieve the vibrant colours characteristic of her style. We shall also learn about Mexican food and learn how to use different cooking techniques to prepare a Mexican dish. In Music, the children will learn about the history and features of Mexican music.

    For this half-term, we shall be following the CW1 fitness lessons which will be streamed 'live' every Thursday morning. After half-term, we hope to learn about hockey.

    This half-term, we shall consider the question, 'What makes a good leader worth following?' Eg Muhammad (pbuh); Guru Nanak; Jesus, Gandhi. We shall also think about how people with a non-religious world view decide what makes a good life, and whether a religious belief helps people when life gets hard.

    In the first half-term, our learning will be to compose sounds suitable for a particular film; identify how specific musical techniques and devices contribute to the impact of their piece of sound design; and, evaluate choices in composition and justify them in appropriate musical vocabulary. We shall learn a range of composition and performance skills drawn from key pieces of minimalist music written by Steve Reich.

    This term, the children will use laptops to help them design their music soundscapes, and will also build and code Lego robots.

    If you have a worry, a question, or there's something I need to know, please feel free to contact me either by calling the school office or by emailing me on the class email address which is: . Please note that approval for any absences, including medical appointments, can only be made by contacting Mr Perry at Alternatively, you can contact the school office to request an absence form.

    I hope your child is looking forward to returning to school, but if they are a little nervous or anxious then please be assured that their well being and safety is our priority. We have a range of support interventions available within school, and every class has a 'worry monster' for your child to write down and 'post' any worries they want to share, but don't want to talk about. I will then address your child's worry in a way which supports your child best.

    Best wishes

    Mrs Bird

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