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If your KS2 child is feeling anxious about the current situation, it may help them to watch this video, from an education and neuroscience consultant, about understanding why we become anxious, and becoming a Neuro-Ninja.

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Welcome to Year Five
Mr Blenkiron

Year 5 Home-learning

Ideas to support your Year 5 child, and structure the day:
To help you structure your day, please see the download entitled 'Suggested Daily Timetable' (please note this is a suggested idealistic day, do not feel beholden to it).

Copies of each of the emails I have sent out so far with tasks and suggestions can also be found on this page

  • Read everyday (especially from the '100 books to read before leaving primary' list, and encourage your children to complete as many different genres as possible from the 'Reading Adventures' sheet)
  • Write book reviews for the books you finish.
  • Keep a diary about the day's events.
  • Practise spellings from the Y5/6 words list and put them into sentences.
  • Practise times-tables using TTRockstars.
  • Encourage children to complete MyMaths tasks set throughout the week
  • As we are covering fractions, decimals and percentage, ask your children questions about the price of your shopping trips; your dinner portions etc.
  • Feel free to download the Classroom Secrets Y5 Home-learning Packs on this page for a comprehensive overview of Y5 activities.
  • Encourage your children to complete a task or two each week from the Rivers activity grid on this page (but also feel free to keep working on the Ancient Greeks if you wish as the topic was cut short).
  • Encourage your child/ren to exercise daily, both indoors and outside if possible.
  • Help them to complete a moon phase diary (worksheet attached) in the evenings.

Below is an outline for the Summer Term in Ruby Class. This is a somewhat idealised vision of the term that will occur if social distancing restrictions are sufficiently lifted. If we do remain in social isolation throughout this period of the school year, rest assured that I will do everything that I can in order to facilitate home-learning activities that best fit the opportunities they would otherwise have in a time of normality. — Mr Blenkiron

Our topic this term poses the question 'Why are rivers and canals so important?' Throughout this topic the children will learn about the nature of rivers; the ways that humans have used them to our advantage in the past and present; and will develop their geographical skills by consulting modern and historical maps, and by referring to the eight points of the compass. This topic will engage the children with their local heritage, with visits to and discussions surrounding the Shropshire Union Canal; phenomena and legends concerning local waterways and the technological feat of the Anderton Boat Lift. With this in mind, we hope to be able to visit Carding Mill Valley to complete a river study, but this will be contingent on restriction measures being lifted both in terms of us as a school and Carding Mill Valley's own policies moving forward.

Throughout the term we will continue to focus on consciously crafting our writing through the use of research, planning in a structured way, and through a constant process of proof-reading and editing. We will be using 'Journey to the River Sea' by Eva Ibbotson, a story built around the Amazon River, as a hook into our writing as well as a potent link to our topic. The children will also have the opportunity to write ghost-stories taking inspiration from the legends surrounding the Shropshire Union Canal, as well as recounts of trips and persuasive letters regarding water pollution.
In GPS, we will strengthen our understanding of different tenses and forms of verbs to clarify and give greater intention to our writing.

In Maths, we will begin this term by continuing to work on decimals and percentages, discussing how these relate to each other and the concept of fractions. This in turn will feed into the measurement and conversion work that they will also be grappling with this term alongside geometry.
In preparation for Year 6, we will be focusing on succinctly proving our answers with clear explanations and/or diagrams; analysing good and bad examples for justification and accurate mathematical terminology.
We will continue to focus on times-tables in CLIC in order to aid our general mathematical fluency in other areas.

This term in Science, Ruby Class will be learning about Living Things with a focus on the life-cycles of animals and the reproduction processes of plants. We will dissect a flower and produce observational sketches of its different parts, and compare the flora and fauna of the Amazon River with that of our native rivers.

In PE, the children will be focusing on improving their flexibility and agility through athletics with an eye towards the upcoming Town Sports competition. And, with a nod to our topic, the children will learn a few Riverdance moves.

Our main focus for RE will be considering how Easter celebrations links to the idea of reconciliation with God and discuss the idea of pilgrimage across different world religions.

Through art and D&T, in line with this term's topic, the children will be creating models to represent the different stages of a river using varied materials.
We will then study the art work of renowned pop-artist, David Hockney; using his varied techniques and creating the impression of perspective to create paintings and photographic art related to rivers and canals.
Appropriately, the children will also be focusing on techniques to create the impression of distorted reflection in water, painting river-dwellers admiring themselves.

Ruby Class will also work on improvisation and the difference between major and minor scales in music. They will put these new skills to use by composing a musical representation of the stages of the water cycle and will use their compositions as part of a campaign against water pollution.

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