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If your KS2 child is feeling anxious about the current situation, it may help them to watch this video, from an education and neuroscience consultant, about understanding why we become anxious, and becoming a Neuro-Ninja.

Welcome to Year Five
Mr Blenkiron

Year 5 Home-learning

Ideas to support your Year 5 child, and structure the day:
To help you structure your day, please see the download entitled 'Suggested Daily Timetable' (please note this is a suggested idealistic day, do not feel beholden to it).

Copies of each of the emails I have sent out so far with tasks and suggestions can also be found on this page

  • Read everyday (especially from the '100 books to read before leaving primary' list, and encourage your children to complete as many different genres as possible from the 'Reading Adventures' sheet)
  • Write book reviews for the books you finish.
  • Keep a diary about the day's events.
  • Practise spellings from the Y5/6 words list and put them into sentences.
  • Practise times-tables using TTRockstars.
  • Encourage children to complete MyMaths tasks set throughout the week
  • As we are covering fractions, decimals and percentage, ask your children questions about the price of your shopping trips; your dinner portions etc.
  • Feel free to download the Classroom Secrets Y5 Home-learning Packs on this page for a comprehensive overview of Y5 activities.
  • Encourage your children to complete a task or two each week from the Ancient Greeks activity grid on this page.
  • Encourage your child/ren to exercise daily, both indoors and outside if possible.
  • Help them to complete a moon phase diary (worksheet attached) in the evenings.

Our topic in Ruby Class this half-term is the Ancient Greeks. We will be learning and discussing a variety of Ancient Greek myths and discovering the variety of contributions they made to Western civilization through their developments in philosophy, art, politics, maths, science and sport. We will be kicking this topic off with a visit from Ancient Greek experts 'Makers of History' who will be delivering a workshop involving dance, drama, pottery, and artefact handling. The children will eventually decide whether they would rather live in Athens or Sparta.

In English, we will be mainly looking at Greek mythology. We will be reading various myths about the Greek pantheon and using the stories as inspiration for our own writing. We are focusing on purposeful writing, where we carefully consider our vocabulary choices and literary devices in order to have the most impact on our readers. We will consider 'What makes a good opening?' and, besides carefully choosing powerful descriptive language, we will be working on incorporating correctly punctuated dialogue, and developing cohesion through pronouns and connectives to improve the flow of our writing.

In maths, we will be starting off by focusing on improving our fluency in the areas of multiplication and division; learning to use long-multiplication and exploring different techniques for division. We will push for a deeper understanding of these methods and concepts through worded problems and questions that involve reasoning. We will also focus on developing our abilities to break down a multistep problem into its component parts in order to help us calculate the answer without being blinded by its seeming complexity.

In Science, the children will be learning about the changes that occur to the body as it ages, and will also be learning about the spherical bodies within our solar system — exploring how the planets move around the sun, how the moon moves around the Earth, and how this affects our view of the Audlem sky.

In PE, this half-term, we will be concentrating on the game of dodge-ball with a view to competing in the upcoming competition. This game will help to improve the children's throwing, catching and evasion skills whilst also honing their aim and resilience. Alongside dodge-ball we will continue to work on our flexibility with regular yoga sessions.

Our main focus for RE this term will be discovering the beliefs and stories associated with the Hindu faith, as well as discussing the history of Christianity in relation to the Romans.

Through art and D& T, the children will get to design and wear their own Celtic woad-style war paint and construct their own Roman shields; they will create collaborative Roman style mosaics, and help to cook a 1,700 year old Roman recipe.

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