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Welcome to Year Five
Mr Blenkiron

Writing — This term, we will be using Joe Stanton's 'Arthur and the Golden Rope' as a stimulus for our writing in class. This book combines wonderful elements of Norse mythology and comic-style effects (as well as comical moments in themselves) and serves to help the children in writing their own mythological story. By focusing on the use of expanded noun phrases, relative clauses, cohesion and commas, the children will build stories around superhuman characters, magic objects, engaging purposeful dialogue and exciting plotlines involving quests fraught with trials.

Reading — In Guided Reading, we will be following Odd and his companions on their journey through the Norwegian wilderness in Neil Gaiman's 'Odd and the Frost Giants'. With links to our writing stimulus and our history topic, this novel will give the children a greater understanding of Norse mythology and will develop their reading skills by focusing on drawing inferences about characters' feelings, thoughts and motives from their actions; justifying these with evidence from the text and making comparisons across books and films.

Maths — Our focus in the Spring term will be on multiplication and division, which will then stand us in good stead for our unit on fractions. The children will learn strategies for multiplying larger numbers mentally and how to multiply using the formal method of multiplication. They will also tackle division questions, again mentally using their knowledge of multiples and factors and through the use of short division (or the 'bus stop method'). We will finish the term by converting our knowledge of fractions into decimals and percentages. As always, times-tables will be key and we will continue to work on our general fluency through retrieval questions each session.

History — Our History topic this term is Anglo-Saxons and Vikings. We will kick this topic off with a trip to Tatton Hall for an Anglo-Saxon & Viking Living History Day within the first fortnight of the term. Through our school's Big 5 Ideas of History (Invasion, Power, Religion, Communication and Agriculture), we will start by looking at the reasons why the Anglo-Saxons, the Vikings and eventually the Normans invaded the island. We will then learn about pre-Christian polytheism and the Anglo-Saxons' conversion to Christianity; have a go at writing in Germanic runes and discuss the impact Old English, Old Norse and Norman French had on Modern English. We will research famous monarchs and the struggle for power between the warring Germanic peoples, and discover the food and farming practices of the aforementioned cultures. We will also work on our key history skills — placing events on a timeline, discussing similarities and differences across this period and the world at this time, consider the causes of significant events, and examine evidence for reliability.

Science — Throughout this term's Science and RSE sessions, our topic will be 'Animals, including Humans', this unit will focus on the changes that occur to the body as it develops to old age. This will include some of the effects of puberty, with a focus on hygiene, and will also give the children the opportunity to research their own scientific quandary such as 'Why do we get wrinkles?' and 'At what age do we stop growing, and why?'

RE — This term, the children will learn about the significance of Christ's resurrection, on Easter Sunday after having been crucified and placed in the tomb on Good Friday, and his later ascension into Heaven. We will think about what these mean to Christians of varying denominations, how this is celebrated within the church, and how we may feel about such events as individuals -- asking pertinent questions with respect and clarity of thought. We will also discuss some of the ways in which different denominations celebrate the same sacraments — the eucharist and its differing levels of significance, for example, and finally, we will look at how the Christmas and Easter stories are related. In the second half of the Spring term, we will begin to look at Hinduism and how Hindu marriage and baby-welcoming ceremonies differ from those of Christianity. We will also look back to November time, to the festival of Diwali and discover its origins and the rituals used to celebrate it.

Creative — In Art, we will be using various techniques in order to create the impression of perspective and reflection in our sketches and paintings. In D&T, we will begin a project constructing a cushion with an Anglo-Saxon design — fit for a king to sit on! In Music, we will continue to discover the interrelated dimensions of music through playing as an ocarina ensemble.

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