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Welcome to Year Five
Mr Blenkiron

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Topic — It's all Greek to Me This half-term, we will be studying the Ancient Greeks and discovering the variety of contributions they made to Western civilization through their developments in philosophy, art, politics, maths, science and sport. We will make comparisons in culture between the Greeks and the Romans; meet some great thinkers whose ideas are still taught in schools and universities today; as well as consider the lasting effect their love of literature and sports has had on our own lives.

Writing — Queen of the Falls
We will be using 'Queen of the Falls' as the main stimulus for our writing lessons. Without giving too much away, this is a story about a daredevil feat involving a lady called Annie Edson Taylor, a barrel and the Niagara Falls... The children have already been introduced to this topic and will work up to creating a series of diary entries about Annie's life. The key areas we are hoping to master through this unit are: identifying the audience for and purpose of our writing; organising paragraphs around a theme with a focus on more complex narrative structures; using commas after fronted adverbials; and using commas to clarify meaning or avoid ambiguity in writing.

Reading — Hansel & Gretel
Alongside this, our reading focus will be Neil Gaiman's rendition of 'Hansel & Gretel' — a darkly evocative retelling of the classic folk tale. The purpose of this unit is to master the skills of: evaluating an author's choice of languageincluding figurative language (metaphors, similes, personification etc.); identifying and discussing themes and conventions (particularly within the folk/traditional tale genre); and summarise the main ideas from more than one paragraph.

Maths — Measure, Multiplication and Division
In maths, we will be starting off by focusing on improving our fluency in the areas of measuring and calculating perimeter before moving onto multiplication and division; learning to use long-multiplication and exploring different techniques for division. We will push for a deeper understanding of these methods and concepts through worded problems and questions that involve reasoning. We will also focus on developing our abilities to break down a multistep problem into its component parts in order to help us calculate the answer without being blinded by its seeming complexity.

Science — Humans
In Science our topic will be 'Animals, including Humans', this topic will focus on the changes that occur to the body as it develops to old age. This will include some of the effects of puberty, with a focus on hygiene, and will also give the children the opportunity to research their own scientific quandary such as 'Why do we get wrinkles?' and 'At what age do we stop growing, and why?'

Creative — Impressions and Culture
Before the lockdown, Ruby Class had begun to explore ways of creating the impression of movement by analysing and recreating Van Gogh's 'Starry Night' -- and applying this impressionistic technique in some cases to our planetary artwork on the solar system. Throughout this term, we will continue to work on achieving other effects in our artwork such as perspective, reflection and shadow. We will also consider the differences in artistic styles between the Celtic Britons and the Romans; and create Celtic war paint and Roman shields.

R.E. — Christos Anesti!
This term the children will learn about the significance of Christ's resurrection, on Easter Sunday after having been crucified and placed in the tomb on Good Friday, and his later ascension into Heaven. We will think about what these mean to Christians of varying denominations, how this is celebrated within the church, and how we may feel about such events as individuals — asking pertinent questions with respect and clarity of thought.

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