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If your KS2 child is feeling anxious about the current situation, it may help them to watch this video, from an education and neuroscience consultant, about understanding why we become anxious, and becoming a Neuro-Ninja.

Amber Class Summer Term 1 — Week 1

Welcome to the Amber Class page.

Daily Activities:

  • TTRockstars
  • Year 3&4 spelling list -- practice words daily (concentrate on 5 at a time)
  • Additional times tables practice (Year 3 expectations are: 2,, 3, 4, 5, 8 & 10 times tables)
  • Amaven -- complete the Movement of the Day every day and try and complete the homework at least 3 times per week.

If you require additional work, please click this link and download the Year 3 resource pack:
W/C 20th April 2020

This week, we will be focusing our writing on Year 4 and letting our new teacher know about us. Complete the following tasks which will help your new teacher find out more about you!

Task 1:
Write a Kennings Poem to describe you

Task 2:
Write a 'Guide to me' including things you like, favourite subjects, whether you have any pets, brothers & sisters, favourite food, what you think you may want help with etc... anything you want your new teacher to know about you!

Task 3:
Complete the Passport activity available to download on the class web page


As this is a short week, instead of following the structured White Rose sessions, we will look at the White Rose Challenges. If you follow this link you will find 10 White Rose maths challenge cards. Pick from the cards and complete one or two a day of your choice.

We will continue working on our 'Ancient Egyptians' topic in the second summer half term. Our new focus in science will be 'light'.

As this is the final week of term, I would like you to think about your move to Year 4. Your new teacher will want to know about you, so this week, our Topic tasks will focus on you along with our English work.

Task 1:
Paint a self-portrait for your new teacher.

Task 2:
If you were an animal, what would you be? When you have chosen an animal, paint a picture of it. You may want to write a little explanation of why you would be this animal.

Task 3
Compose a short piece of music which reflects your personality.



Ancient Egyptian Activity Book
For anyone wanting additional activities, I have compiled the optional Ancient Egyptians Activity Book available to download.

Our Topic

Our topic in Amber class for the Summer Term is the Ancient Egyptians. We will be exploring the age of the Egyptians considering their way of life, the pyramids and their religion. We will look at what made these periods in history special exploring the discoveries and inventions. In D&T we will look at various ways we could construct our own pyramid and we will create our own hieroglyphics in art.

Throughout the term we will look at the book 'Demolition Dad' by Phil Earle. We will be researching and writing factual pieces about demolition, construction and machinery as well as using the book to inspire our own narratives. The children will be able to discover what could happen and show off their writing skills. Throughout this term we will be looking at editing and improving our work through ambitious vocabulary and use of conjunctions to make compound sentences. . Understanding the importance of sentence structure and the use of punctuation to develop the atmosphere in your writing. We will also be consolidating knowledge of spellings taught so far and continuing to use the Year 3 & 4 word list.

Throughout the term we will be covering the areas of fractions, time, geometry and measurement. We will use our reasoning skills to show what methods we could use and explain why we have tackled a question in a particular way. We will continue our work on number place value, addition, subtraction, multiplication & division during our daily mental maths sessions.

In Science we will be considering Magnetism during the first half term, looking at forces of attraction and repulsion. After half term, we will move on to Light and investigating light & dark, reflection, questions of light safety and shadows. .

In P.E. we will split our sessions between skills based development and a sports session where we will use these in a game or performance setting. This term, our main sport focus will be Athletics, moving on to striking & fielding towards the end of the summer term.

In art, we will be investigating Art through the ages including hieroglyphics, mosaics and tribal art. We will also look at various techniques pioneered by famous artists, using these create our own landscapes of Egyptian settings as well as creating an individual cartouche.

Recorder lessons will continue on Thursday afternoons where children will now be working towards the goal of participating in the Musical Showcase which will hopefully happen later this term.

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