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Welcome to Year Two
Mrs Richardson and Mrs Smith
Current Update

Dear Pearl Class. We have added a weekly timetable, daily lesson overviews and resources on this page (and sent it out via ParentMail too) to help you. We will also have a weekly Zoom meetings to share what we have been doing. We would love to see you.
Zoom Meetings for Pearl Class: Monday 18th January Spelling Zoom
Thursday 21st January CWONE ZOOM 9.30pm
Thursday 21st January at 1.30pm Weekly Class Meeting

Home Learning links

Use the pdf plan and powerpoint below to follow this week's reading.

Common Exception Words-videos

Y1 Reading-

Y2 Reading part 1-

Y2 Reading part 2-

Y1 Spelling-

Y2 Spelling part 1-

Y2 Spelling part 2-

Read Write Inc Spelling 2A
Read Write Inc Spelling Soft c
When c comes just before i, y or e it usually makes the s sound. city, cell, exercise, icy, cycle. rice, mice, fancy

Writing (see pdf guidance below, this has also been sent out on Parentmail)

Use the Vimeo link to listen to Mrs Richardson read Owl Babies by Martin Waddell.

Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday Guided Writing lessons in one video
Use the video as Mrs Richardson introduces the writing lesson

Use the links as a discussion point and for pupils to fill out a KWL grid (Know, Want to Know and Learnt) about owls.

Tuesday 19th January Guided Writing
Write a short description about owls using what they know and ideas developed during session 1.

Wednesday 20th January Guided Writing
Use the Vimeo link to listen to Mrs Richardson read the picture book The Owl Who Was Afraid Of The Dark by Jill Tomlinson.
Write a description of the main character Plop using adjectives and expanded noun phrases.

Thursday 21st January Guided Writing
Write sentences to describe Plop's flight using adverbs and conjunctions.

Friday 22nd January Guided Writing
Write sentences to describe fireworks using adverbs and conjunctions. Remember to use commas between adjectives.

Storytime with Mrs Richardson The Owl Who Was Afraid of the Dark
Chapter One
Chapter Two
Chapter Three
Chapter Four
Chapter Five

White Rose Week 18.01.2021
This link will allow you to access the White Rose videos related to our lessons. You can use them to recall key learning and practise.
Monday 18th January
Add two 2-digit numbers — not crossing ten — add ones and add tens

Extra support from Mrs Richardson - adding two two-digit numbers not crossing ten
Add two 2-digit numbers — crossing ten — add ones and add tens using concrete apparatus
Add two 2-digit numbers — crossing ten — add ones and add tens using pictorial representations

Tuesday 19th January
Add two 2-digit numbers — crossing ten — add ones and add tens

Wednesday 20th January
Subtract a 2-digit number from a 2-digit number — not crossing ten

Thursday 21st January
CBBC TV-French & Maths live lesson 9-9:30am

Friday 22nd January
Nrich problem solving task-see pdf

Extra support from Mrs Smith

MyMaths homework tasks include;

Lesson Introduction for Geography 11.1.2021
Map making 12.1.2021
Mrs Richardson's Welly Walk

City, village or town 18.01.2021

Sketching St James Church

Children are learning new vocabulary: mammals/amphibians/reptiles/fish/birds/invertebrates. Use the BBC clips to help (on daily plan). Discuss the new vocabulary and research the meanings of the words if needed. Children to match the animal and their young and label them. 21.01.2021

Watch Ruth Miskin's video-scroll down to Set 3 Sounds

Watch the video of The Jewish Story of Hanukkah. Pause the video at different intervals to discuss what is happening.
Ask children to create a story map of the Story of Hanukkah adding a word to each step for detail.
Children to use their story map to re-tell the story, adding as much detail as they can. If children are struggling to re-tell you could play 'ping pong' where the parent says a sentence, then the child, taking it in turns to help lead the child through the story.

#Topic Farming

Our topic this term is Farming. We will be asking questions such as: What is it like on a farm? Are all farms the same? What does the farmer do? How has farming changed over time? We will be finding out about farms at different times of the year including harvest time in the past and the present. Throughout the term we will look at stories related to Farming. We will use the story 'Where my Wellies Take Me' by Clare and Michael Morpurgo to explore the environment around us and 'Harry's Home' to take a closer look at farms.
CBeebies programme 1 about life on a farm from
CBeebies programme 2 about life on a farm from
CBeebies programme 3 about life on a farm from

In Geography, we will be undertaking simple fieldwork and using observational skills to study our location in Audlem and the surrounding farmland. We will read 'Harry's Home' to help compare the town and the city. We will then compare farming in England to farming in Africa. Using the text 'The World Came To My Place Today' by Jo Readman and Ley Honor Roberts we will discover where our favourite foods come from.

In Art, we will experiment with colour mixing and learn to weave with paper and fabrics. In Design and Technology, the children will design and make a scarecrow puppet with movable parts and then evaluate the finished design. In Music, we will experiment with songs with a farming them such as Old Macdonald and Dingle Dangle Scarecrow. They will explore rhythm using words and patterns.

In Science, children will notice that animals have offspring which grow into adults. Children will find out about and describe the basic needs of animals, including humans for survival and they will describe the importance for humans of exercise, eating the right amounts of different types of food and the importance of hygiene. Children will also be looking at where our food comes from, seasonal fruit and vegetables and we will discuss topics such as food miles and fair trade.

In R.E. we will explore Judaism. We will learn about the Jewish concept of creation, Jewish beliefs, Hanukkah, Shabbat and we will look at Jewish artefacts.

'Farming' optional tasks. Your child can choose a task each week from the grid and respond. You could take a photograph of the results and send them to your class teacher via the class email address.

The children will be looking closely at statements, commands, questions and exclamations. Understanding the importance of sentence structure and the use of punctuation to demarcate sentences will continue to be a key focus in writing. We will be concentrating on developing spelling rules when suffixes are added to a root word. The children will be given extra common words as spelling every 2 weeks to learn.

The children will revise their spelling of the Year 1 and Year 2 common exception words.
Challenge: Correct the mistakes made by Mr Whoops.

There are five 15 minutes challenges for parents to complete with their children recommended by They can be found on our E-Safety section of our website: Online Safety At Home.


Throughout the term we will be concentrating on number looking at place value, addition and subtraction. We will deepen our learning through problem solving activities and use our reasoning skills to explain. Throughout the term we will recall and use multiplication and division facts for the 2, 5 and 10 times tables, including recognising odd and even numbers. We will calculate mathematical statements for multiplication and division within the multiplication tables and write them using the multiplication (x), division (รท) and equals (=) sign. We will deepen our learning through problem solving activities and use our reasoning skills to explain.

Greater than, less than and equal to.
The links below will support your child to complete the homework task.

Maths Online Games

Number names
Ordering numbers
Addition Games
Times Tables
Place Value

The children's wellbeing is our priority. We will also be developing our wellbeing toolkit and promoting self-regulation using The Zones of Regulation.

Physical Education

Amaven provide 'Movement of the Day' activities and homework targeted to meet your child's needs. Log in using your child's personal login and then complete homework tasks three times each week.

Cosmic Kids Yoga can be used for meditation and to try out a Yoga Session.

You can contact us at to share your adventures or ask any questions.

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