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Welcome to Year Two
Mrs Richardson and Mrs Smith

Physical Education in Pearl Class
From the week beginning 12.10.2020 P.E. in Pearl class will take place on Tuesday and will be delivered by Sportscape. The children will need to wear their P.E. kit to school on Tuesday.

Topic Fire and Light

Our topic this term is Fire and Light. In History, we will be studying the Great Fire of London. We will be placing events in chronological order and using common words and phrases relating to the passing of time. We will ask why people behaved as they did, why events happened and what happened as a result. We will find out about the past from a range of sources including paintings, artefacts and the written accounts of eyewitnesses such as Samuel Pepys.

In Geography, we will compare a village (Audlem) and a city (London), identifying the physical and human features of a place. We will ask: How is a village different from the city? We will create our own simple maps and plans. We will give directions and use coordinates to pinpoint places on a map.

When exploring British Values, the children took a virtual tour of Parliament. They asked questions such as:
Who works in the UK Parliament?
What do MPs or members of the House of Lords do?
How do they help to make laws?

Homework Challenge 16.10.2020
Following our parliamentary tour, create a fact file about all you have discovered. Your fact file could be presented as a poster, a history timeline, a postcard or a model.

In Art, the children will look at patterns in buildings around them using a viewfinder and sketch chosen detail. They will create observational drawing, rubbings and prints. They will then discuss the geometric and decorative features of the patterns collected. The children will collaboratively create a collage. In Design and Technology the children will create design and make a fire engine exploring how mechanisms can be used in different ways e.g. wheels and axles. In Music, we will experiment with songs based on historical events e.g. LondonĀ“s Burning and Ring- a-ring-a-roses. They will explore the use of dynamics, tempo, beat and pitch.

In Science, we will learn about grouping and changing materials focusing upon the effects of heat on materials. We will also explore light and dark through seasonal change.

In R.E. we will be learning about different festivals of light. We will also be studying the Church as a place of Worship and asking questions such as: What books are special to Christians? How and why do people have special ways of welcoming babies? How do they show they belong? How do Christians have special ways of welcoming babies?

'Fire! Fire!' optional tasks. Your child can choose a task each week from the grid and respond. You could take a photograph of the results and send them to your class teacher via the class email address.

Homework Challenge 12.10.2020
Look at the handwriting powerpoint. Click on each letter to see how the letter is formed. Practise in your homework book. Our aim is to control the size and shape of each letter.

Our studies in English this term aim to develop the children's knowledge of traditional stories and dairy writing. We will also examine stories and myths about fiery dragons and we will look at stories related to Fire and its origins. Understanding the importance of sentence structure and the use of punctuation to demarcate sentences will be a key focus in writing. We will be concentrating on spelling homophones (see/sea) and common high frequency words. The children will be given extra common words as spelling every 2 weeks to learn.

The children will revise their spelling of the Year 1 and Year 2 common exception words.
Challenge: Correct the mistakes made by Mr Whoops.

Year 1 revision words to spell
I my me is the she is says a was
one put so we to be has you today some
by are no come house pull pulls

Phonics focus week beginning 5.10.2020
ou ow
out cow
shout brown
outside town
mount howl
count now
amount prowl

There are five 15 minutes challenges for parents to complete with their children recommended by They can be found on our E-Safety section of our website: Online Safety At Home.


Throughout the term we will be concentrating on number looking at place value, addition and subtraction. We will deepen our learning through problem solving activities and use our reasoning skills to explain. We will also be developing our understanding of data handling by carrying out simple surveys, presenting our results using a tally chart and block graph.

White Rose Week 1
This link will allow you to access the White Rose videos related to our lessons week beginning 7.9.2020. You can use them to recall key learning and practise.
White Rose Week 2 14.9.2020
White Rose Week 3 21.9.2020

MyMaths homework tasks include: Sums to 20 Set 16.10.2020

Greater than, less than and equal to.
The links below will support your child to complete the homework task.

Maths Online Games

Number names
Ordering numbers
Addition Games
Times Tables
Place Value

The children's wellbeing as they return to school is our priority. We will focus on settling the children back into school life and supporting their emotional health and wellbeing. We will use the story 'Only One You' by Linda Kranz as a stimulus for discussion. In the story, Adri promises to remember his parents' words of wisdom about how to live his life, such as "Find your own way. You don't have to follow the crowd" and "Make wishes on the stars in the nighttime sky. We will also be developing our wellbeing toolkit and promoting self-regulation using The Zones of Regulation.

Physical Education

Amaven provide 'Movement of the Day' activities and homework targeted to meet your child's needs. Log in using your child's personal login and then complete homework tasks three times each week.

Cosmic Kids Yoga can be used for meditation and to try out a Yoga Session.

You can contact us at to share your adventures or ask any questions.

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