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Welcome to Year 1 with Mrs Hayward and Mrs Kemp.


Our topic during the Spring term is Farming.

Outlined below is a vision of what we aim to cover. however under the current circumstances we may not be able to deliver all the content as we would like to in the same way.

In history we will be exploring farming through the ages. The children will begin to understand that farming was different when their parents and grandparents were young. we will also be finding out about people in history who have changed the way we farm today., such as Turnip Townsend.

In Geography, we will learn to compare maps of Audlem Village from today and long ago and try to locate local farms. We will discuss the physical and human features of a farm..

In art we will be will creating the events of the Creation Story using pastels linked to our theme in Religious Education. The children will also using a variety of media to create representations of farms and farm animals.

In Design and Technology, the children will be involved in designing and making scarecrow stick puppets using a variety of techniques. We are also hoping to make fruit salad, the children will learn how to cut, peel or grate ingredients safely and hygienically. Measure or weigh using measuring cups or electronic scales. Assemble or cook ingredients.

In music using the stimulus of 'Old MacDonald had a farm', the children will ; Take part in singing, accurately following the melody. Learn to use sounds expressively to illustrate part of a story. Learn to select sounds carefully in response to a story.

In science through activities involving the planting of beans, the children will learn how to identify identify and describe the basic structure of a variety of common flowering plants by planting a bean. Learn how to describe how to plant a bean. Learn how to ask simple questions and recognise that they can be answered in different ways in the context of considering what plants need to grow. Learn how to suggest a question about plants and a way we could answer it.

In R.E. the children will be able to describe some of the teachings of a religion. Understand that the Bible is a special book & it is made up of many different types of books. Understand that Christians read Bible stories and try to live by its teachings. Understand that the Bible consists of the Old Testament and the New Testament.

In English the children will be developing their knowledge and skills of oral and written retelling. They will be encouraged to attempt to write short sentences in meaningful contexts by linking sounds to letters. We will be sharing a variety of stories including 'The lion inside' by Rachel Bright.

In maths we will be revising and building on skills previously taught including addition and subtraction to twenty. The children will be learning to count to fifty in tens and ones. They will be carrying out activities to help them to learn to count in two's and five's.


Useful websites

Here is a link to the Common Exception Word Vimeos

Numbots is an excellent way for your child to practice their mental maths. It helps with understanding, recall and fluency in mental addition and subtraction so that they can move from counting to calculating.
User names and passwords have been put into their reading diaries.

Here is a link to the spelling videos of the Y1 common exception words. The idea is that the children hear the word read out to them, the children write it down and then they are shown the the correct spelling so they can check it. They can pause the video after each word.

Y1 Spelling-

Learning at home
Please see the PDF section above for this weeks timetable and a detailed plan to support learning at home.


If you would like to share your work with us, please send it to this email address:

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