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Welcome to Year 1 with Mrs Hayward and Mrs Read.


Our topic during the Autumn term is Fire, Fire!

In history we will be learning about the Great Fire of London. We will become detectives and ask questions to find out how the fire started. We will be placing events in chronological order. In order to be the best history detectives, we will be using different sources of information, including artefacts, paintings and the written accounts of Samuel Pepys.

In Geography, we will learn to compare the village of Audlem and the city of London. We will learn to identify the physical and human features of a place. We will be creating our own simple maps and learn to describe directions using North, South East, and West. Forwards, backwards, left and right.

In art we will be looking closely at different buildings. We will be discussing what they are made of. The children will complete observational drawings of parts of buildings. The children will create artwork for display based on the houses built during the Great Fire of London.

In Design and Technology, the children will be asked to practice joining wheels and axles to allow movement. The children explore different ways of making axle holders e.g using clothes pegs, punched holes in card or boxes, using large drinking straws.

In music we will be exploring different rhythms and patterns. We will be linking these to songs based on historical events such as London's Burning.

In science the children will learn to sort materials according to their properties — natural and man-made. The children will be given a variety of materials to explore e.g plasticine, play dough, clay, Blu-tac and will be asked to make a variety of shapes e.g by twisting, stretching, bending, or squashing the materials. The children will be asked to try to do the same with other objects e.g elastic bands, foam sponges, soft rubber ball and to describe what happens.

In R.E. the children will be asking questions such as 'How do Christians show they are thankful for what they have?'

In English the children will be developing their knowledge and skills of oral and written retelling. They will be encouraged to attempt to write short sentences in meaningful contexts by linking sounds to letters. We will be sharing a variety of stories including Look up! by Nathan Byron and Wilma Unlimited by Kathleen Krull.

In maths we will be revising and building on skills previously taught including sorting objects, counting objects and representing objects. The children will also be developing their skills of counting, reading and writing any number from 0-10 forwards and backwards.

We have been carrying out science investigations to ask the question; 'Are all leaves the same?' The children enjoyed examining their leaves closely back in the classroom.


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