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Welcome to Year 1 with Mrs Hayward and Mrs Read.

Welcome to our Sapphire class page, where I will be posting up work whilst school is closed. Please contact me on our new Sapphire class email address at the bottom of the page if you have any questions. I will be answering your emails during all normal term-time hours.

I will be putting up 5 sessions each of Maths, English and other subjects per week. Please feel free to complete the learning whenever is convenient for your family throughout the week and don't worry if you don't get it all done. Make the most of the learning environment around your home and enjoy this lovely weather! Please also try to read and complete some of the phonics or common exception words given in the home learning pack. Daily exercise is important for physical and mental health. Your child could also log into Amaven to complete movement of the day or their homework. Also Joe Wicks the Body coach is doing a live 30 minute PE session Monday to Friday at 9am.

Maths week 2
Session 1 — Days of the week. Write the days in order then show what you do on those days. You can choose how you show this (writing, drawing or something else). The important part is to get the days in the right order and spelt correctly.
Session 2 — Practise spelling days of the week (download).
Session 3 — Order the months of the year and draw pictures to go with them. You can use the download or do your own.
Session 4 — Make a cool poster to help someone learn the months of the year.
Session 5 — Practice your counting using the sheet 'Grab a Handful'. If you want to challenge yourself see if you can also add both yours and your helpers together using counting on.

English week 2
Session 1 — Adding capital letters and full stops. Choose the part from the download most suited to you.
Session 2 — Book review for your favourite book. You can choose how you want to present it (write, video or any other way you can think of).
Session 3 — Add the correct punctuation. Remember if it is a question you need a question mark. (download)
Session 4 — Research what Easter means to Christians. Choose how you want to show your findings.
Session 5 — Read a book and draw a picture of your favourite character. Write sentences to explain why they are your favourite.

Other week 2
Session 1 — Jamie's feely bag download. What do you think he has in his bag? Use your knowledge of the properties of materials to guess what it could be. There are many different answers. How many can you think of?
Session 2 — Evaluate your shoe's grip on a hard surface, (whose shoes in the family have the best grip?) Record the results in a way of your choice.
Session 3 — Become an inventor. Create a game of your own with resources of your choice.
Session 4 — Make a video about a famous inventor and their invention.
Session 5 — Find 5 things in your house that are magnetic. Write, draw pictures or take a photo.

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