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The E-Safety Champions launched E-Safety week with an informative assembly planned to encourage the children in our school to act safely and responsibly online. They promoted a poster competition and they have run E-Safety workshops for each class. EYFS and Sapphire class were treated to the story of The Three Little Pigs. The Big Bad Wolf tried to get the pigs to give him personal information. The children decided that personal information e.g. your name and where you live should remain private and so, prevented the wolf blowing down their houses. In Year 2, they led a Superheroes and Villains game where the children froze the villain if he asked personal questions online. POW...gave the children time to think and walk away. In KS2 the Champions carried out surveys to discover the types of games that children choose to play. They talked about PEGI ratings and then they gave Top Tips to promote safety online.


We are very proud of the E-Safety Champions who worked hard to share the knowledge and skills they gained at various workshops and the E-Safety Roadshow.

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