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Pearl Class visited Staircase House, a fantastic museum in Stockport. At Staircase House, the children had the opportunity to ask and answer the questions: 'How do we know about the Great Fire of London?' and 'What were homes like a long time ago?'
They discovered:
￿Where, when and why the Great Fire broke out
￿The sequence of the main events of the Fire
￿What an eye witness is and why Samuel Pepys is remembered today
￿How houses were built in the past
￿The results of the Fire including why the Plague, responsible for many deaths in 1665, was diminished
￿Future house building regulations.
The children were divided into three groups during the day and experienced three different activities.
The children dressed up and re-enacted the story of the Great Fire of London and experienced 'hands on' workshops. Firstly, the wattle and daub workshop demonstrated how houses were constructed and the children made a small wattle and daub panel using withies and clay. Following that, they learned about Stuart Cures. The children made their own potions and learned about the herbs used in Stuart times to cure illnesses.


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