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As part of National Science Week, we held a special Science Week in school which got off to a flying start with a special launch assembly. This began with a 'bang' or rather a 'crack' as children prepared to enter our 'eggsciting' egg challenge. Families are invited to invent a way to protect an egg as it falls from the height of a metre. The teachers tested their own skills in preparation for this using a parachute, a rocket and an exciting balloon capsule. Only two of the prototypes made it through to the next round! The egg and parachute came to a 'cracking' end.
During our science week children across the school had the opportunity to invent, test and observe. Amethyst class have had fun with magnets and exploring their 'Living Hill' in the classroom. Sapphire class have been finding out about the wonders of the human body whilst children in Pearl class have been creating circuits and have designed a switch to turn a light on and off.
In KS2 classes have learnt more about science in the world around us with Amber class looking at Typhoons, Ruby class learning about the solar system and Diamond class investigating the structure of the Earth.


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