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The government has announced new funding for school sport and PE until 2019, saying, "We can create a culture in our schools that encourages all children to be active and enjoy sport."
The government is providing additional funding to schools to improve provision of physical education (PE) and sport in primary schools. This funding is ring-fenced and therefore can only be spent on provision of PE and sport in schools. Schools are able to pay for extra coaching sessions to improve the quality of sports and PE provision.

How are we using the funding?

  • To increase pupils' participation in the sports and physical activities in inter school competitions and Level 2 competitions with other schools.
  • To provide a wider range of after school activities/clubs for pupils.
  • To increase the knowledge of staffs CPD within P.E. curriculum
  • To increase the amount of resources the school has so to make sure we can provide the children with quality sporting provision.
  • To set up an Amaven this is an assessment tool to measure the children's physical literacy.
  • To enhance the outdoor provision for all children at playtime.

Sports funding summary from 2015-16

We have reviewed the impact of Government funding within the school and these are the outcomes from last year:

  • Use of the Amaven assessment system has given the school an opportunity to help the children develop a healthy lifestyle and for them to understand how to keep this going into their adult life. This has also given staff the key assessment information to identify areas of strength or development within physical literacy for their classes to inform planning.
  • We have used the money to replenish resources for athletics and playground equipment.
  • Academic achievement has been enhanced throughout KS1 and KS2 due to the children's self-belief in the core subjects.
  • We have used money from the sports funding to ensure that all of our Year 3 children get a term of swimming lessons at a vastly reduced cost.
  • We have enhanced the quality of teaching of dance across the whole school and this has resulted in children performing at the Lyceum Theatre in Crewe.
  • We now offer a wider range of sporting activities to inspire children such as volleyball and dodgeball in both KS1 and KS2.
  • The use of iPads for assessment in the lessons ensures children can use it to evaluate their skill development and improve their techniques further.
  • The training and support given has ensured we have high quality Teaching and Learning of PE which is now consistent across the school.Due to specialised coaches training the staff, staff are more confident and competent which has meant the P.E. curriculum has now been enhanced and enriched.
  • Pupils understand the value of PE to their learning across the school.
  • Pupil concentration, commitment, self-esteem and behaviour enhanced.
  • A positive attitude to all sports and a sense of fair play enhanced from all children.
  • More children have been given the opportunity to play in a variety of tournaments from Yr. 1 — Yr. 6 between our cluster primary schools.
  • The children's attitudes to health and well-being have improved.
  • All children have the opportunity to take part in a range of sporting events and competitions across a wide range of sports from inter school events to national competitions.

Throughout 2016-17 at Audlem St James we are planning on using our sports funding money to enhance PE as follows:

  • We will continue to use specialist coaches to help staff in the teaching of P.E. This will be carried out through staff training sessions and within lessons.
  • Further develop use of Amaven assessment to analyse year groups and school outcomes so that we can improve the children's health and well-being.
  • Further develop and embed the use of Maths of the Day across school linking PE with Maths skills and further developing active lifestyles.
  • Provide free clubs for children in a range of sports.
  • Provide targeted coaching sessions for children to practice and train for competition events such as Town Sports.
  • Further develop these use of Active Audlem to increase children's activity levels.
  • Targeting children who would benefit from extra PE sessions with interval training after school clubs.
  • Further enhance the quality and range of P.E. equipment across school.

We will carry on reviewing the impact of this throughout the year.

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