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Welcome back to a new term. I hope that you have had a lovely Easter and are looking forward to the term ahead.

Our topic in Diamond class for the Summer term is going to be the Maya. We shall begin with comparing the Maya with the Anglo-Saxons to enable the children to understand when the Maya people lived. We will then explore where the Maya lived using maps and atlases and create our own maps, comparing the areas with modern maps. We shall look at the writing system used, the meaning of the glyphs on the Copan Staircase and the importance of art in their culture. This will lead on to understanding the Mayan counting system and their calendar and Mayan trade, religion, farming and everyday life. We shall continue to learn about Mexico in relation to the Maya, and will make Maya masks in DT.

This term, we shall be having sports day and Town Sports and so our PE focus will be athletics. Various lunchtime and after-school athletics clubs will be available for the children to join.

We shall also be holding an Arts Week and a Keeping Healthy and Staying Safe Week. During Healthy Week, the children will complete their Bikeability training and will participate in the Year 6 Growing Up sessions. There will also be opportunities for them to visit their new high schools and to prepare for their transition.

Reading is a vital part of children's education and so all children will have guided sessions in school. By this point in the year, your child should be reading for at least 20 minutes four times per week. This will help to build their reading speed and stamina, and will develop their familiarity with different genres. If you could try to hear your child read as often as possible and make a note of this in the 'Home/school diary' then this would be much appreciated and be of great benefit to your child.

Important dates:
4th and 5th June Bikeability
6th June Sports Day

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