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Our topic in Diamond class for the summer term will be the ancient Maya civilisation. Throughout this topic, the children will learn about: where the Maya lived, using maps and atlases; when they lived and compare this to British historical periods; Maya writing and art; Maya maths and calenders; cities and architecture including the Copan Stairway, as well as learning the oldest ball game — Pok-a-tok.

Our class text will continue to be be 'Room 13' by Robert Swindells and we shall continue to learn how to describe atmospheres effectively. We shall also be looking at how to use dialogue to move action along in stories, and will write a set of instructions on how to play ancient Maya games. The children will be making Maya masks and will evaluate the design process. We shall of course be revising all key elements of grammar with a particular focus on spelling patterns learned in years 4 and 5.

In maths, we shall be securing our skills in arithmetic and will cover measurement, ratio, geometry and statistics. We shall also be developing our reasoning and problem solving skills and revising any areas that need consolidating.

In science, the children will continue to learn about animals, in particular: the main parts of the human circulatory system, the functions of the heart, blood vessels and blood; recognise the impact of diet, exercise, drugs and lifestyle on the way their bodies function; and, describe the ways in which nutrients and water are transported within animals, including humans.

Homework will be set for children on a Friday and I am asking children to return it on or before the following Friday. Homework will usually consist of a English and Maths piece. Much of the maths homework will be to complete tasks in the CGP books provided, to consolidate learning. In addition to this, children will be expected to practise key spellings and consolidate times tables knowledge. Leading up to the SATs, the children will be asked to complete daily homework to be returned the next day.

Reading is a vital part of children's education. All children will have guided sessions in school. If you could try to hear your child read as often as possible and make a note of this in the 'Home/school diary' then this would be much appreciated and of great benefit to your child. Your child will need to build their reading 'stamina' in readiness for the end of key stage assessments as well as to prepare for the quantity of reading expected in year 7.

Our main PE day in summer term is Thursday and will be run by Sportscape, with a focus on athletics. If children could please have PE kits in school every day then that would be great. They will need a plain t-shirt in their house colour, black or dark plain shorts for indoor PE, and a warm tracksuit or jogging bottoms and jumper with trainers for outdoor PE.

Important dates:
Active Audlem Wednesday 9th May
SATs — week commencing 14th May 2018.
Royal wedding themed street party lunch Friday 18th May
Bikeability training Wed 23rd & 24th May
Half-term 26th May, back to school Mon 4th June
Town sports Mon 25th June and Wed 27th June
Schoolsfest Sat 7th July
Leavers' assembly Tues 17th July 2.00pm and Wed 18th July 7.00pm
Leavers' treat Thurs 19th July

Mrs Bird and Mrs Stoker's group will be run on Thursday 10th May.
Mrs Jewitt — Wednesday 9th May 3.15pm
Mr Perry — Friday 11th May 3.15pm


Set: Friday 4th May Due: Wednesday 9th May

1. Grammar book 1 — complete all pages by Friday 4th May (answer sheets for both grammar books were handed out in class last week).
2. Grammar book 2 — complete all pages by Friday 11th May.
3. Complete grammar sheets handed out on Friday 4th May by Wednesday 9th May.

Spellings to learn this week:

€ Thorough
€ Through
€ Though
€ Brought
€ Cough
€ Doubt
€ Lamb
€ Knight
€ Solemn
€ Ceiling
€ Science
€ Neither
€ Preferred
€ Referee
€ Referring
€ Incredibly
€ Terribly
€ Possibly
€ Co-ordinate
€ Co-operate
€ Re-enter
€ Reliable
€ Comfortable
€ Noticeable
€ Changeable

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