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Welcome to Year Five
Mr Blenkiron

Our topic in Year 5 this term is World War One; with a focus on Audlem at War. During this topic the children will research what life was like in Audlem during 'The Great War' period, and find out about local men that went off to fight for their country and those that stayed behind. We will learn about what it was like for the soldiers in the trenches (as well as the skies and seas) and for their families at home. We will study artefacts from that time, and read letters that were written by soldiers, as well as other forms of literature written about the war. We will also critically discuss and debate the part that animals played; the treatment of conscientious objectors, and the roles of women.

In English, Throughout the term we will look at different genres of writing including: persuasive, recounts, non-chronological reports, letter writing, narrative, plays and poetry. The children will confront the poetry of celebrated war-poets, specifically Wilfred Owen, Siegfried Sassoon, and Isaac Rosenberg; using their works to inspire their own. We will also be reading excerpts from War Horse and The Skylarks' War in order to discuss the experiences of animals and children during the war.

Throughout the term, in maths, we will be concentrating on number; looking at place value, rounding, addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. In order to deepen our mathematical understanding, there will be a push on multi-step problems, developing reasoning skills and using precise mathematical vocabulary. Alongside arriving at the correct answer, the children will learn to describe their thought-process in full, coherent sentences; and prove their answers with sound calculations and/or diagrams.

In Science the children will be looking at Forces. The children will learn to explain the force of gravity. They will identify the effects of air resistance, water resistance and friction that act between moving surfaces. They will recognise that some mechanisms allow a smaller force to have a greater effect.

In P.E. this term, we will concentrate on the rules and strategies needed for different games based on the Amaven scores they achieved before the summer holidays. There is also a residential visit to Condover Hall in September; this will involve a great deal of exciting and challenging activities. The outdoor and indoor tasks will help the children to build upon their teamwork and initiative.

As part of our creative curriculum, the children will develop first hand sketches of World War One artefacts, and recreate real trench sketches using charcoal in the style of a soldier and artist from Cheshire. They will also be learning how to paint horses accurately in honour of the part animals played in The Great War.
The children will learn songs the soldiers sang to keep their spirits up, and will recreate WW1 artefacts using a variety of materials and resources.
There will also be plenty of opportunities for drama through re-enactments and plays linked to the experiences of WW1 soldiers.

English homework: In Ruby Class, we have begun our weekly Ravenous Reader competition. Each week, the child who has read the most at home, and has had a parent sign in their home-school diary to prove it, has their photo displayed and is awarded 50 team points! Please encourage ravenous reading at home 

Maths: Please find maths homework concerning graphs and tables on MyMaths.

Spellings this week: physical, sufficient, available, develop, identity, prejudice, suggest, average.

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