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In Amber Class, we focus heavily on learning through our topic and class books. In the Spring term, we are reading various iterations of different fairy tales and using these to help with our fiction and non-fictional writing in class. Our topic (Rainforests) is also used to help inspire our writing later in the term.

Topic: Rainforests
In this theme the will children learn about what a rainforest is and where in the world they can be located. They will learn about: the rainforest itself including climates, weather and the 4 different layers; about deforestation and its impacts on people and places; about different plant and animal life that can be found in the rainforest and about people that live in rainforests.

This term, we shall be basing our English work on fairy tales, in particular Rapunzel. We will look at various versions of the tale (including Hilary McKay's Fairy Tales) and use these to help us to strtucture and write our own fairy tales. We will also be writing non-fiction pieces based around famous towers and writing comparison pieces about different towers that have been biult in the world. We will also use the book Towere to the Sun to help to inspire our poetry and Trapped! to help us to write a piece of writing full of suspense!

Throughout the term, the children will be working on their understanding of multiplication & division, money, statistics, measurement of length and perimeter and fractions. Children will not only learn techniques to answer questions on these areas, but will also be asked to solve problems and to justify their reasoning. They will also work on mental arithmetic and times tables recall with daily mental maths sessions.

In Science, the children will continue their studies of biology. Throughout the term, our Science topic will be Animals where we will look at diet & nutrition along with the skeletons and muscles found in mammals

In P.E. the children will be engaging in swimming lessons on Wednesday at Nantwich Swimming Baths. We will also continue with PE sessions once a week where we will alternate between skills sessions (where the children will learn specific techniques) and sports sessions where they will be able to put new skills into practice.

Much of our creative work will be linked to our Rainforests topic. Children will learn about the techniques pioneered by famous impressionist artists and use these to create images from the Rainforest. In Design & Technology, children will continue to make their own working excavator models and Music sessions will continue with Recorder lessons on Thursdays.

In computing, we shall begin our programming sessions, focussing initially on how to debug different programs that we have written or that have been written by other people. We will also use ICT to display and present our work in various formats.

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