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Welcome to Year Two
Mrs Richardson and Mrs Stoker


Our topic this term is Farming. Our wellies will take us on a visit to the farm and we will learn all about farming. We will be asking questions such as: What is it like on a farm? Are all farms the same? What does the farmer do? How has farming changed over time? We will be finding out about farms at different times of the year including harvest time in the past and the present. In Geography, we will be undertaking simple fieldwork, and using observational skills to study our location in Audlem and the surrounding farmland. We will read 'Harry's Home' to help compare the town and the city. We will then compare farming in England to farming in Africa.
In Science, we will be learning about plants and animals in a variety of environments. We will be exploring different habitats to be found in the local environment in our wellies. Then we will observe, record and categorise the plants and animals found there. We will be looking closely at green plants and we will experiment to discover the conditions a plant needs to grow.


Throughout the term we will look at stories related to Farming. We will use the story 'Where my Wellies Take Me' by Clare and Michael Morpurgo to explore the environment around and 'Harry's Home' to take a closer look at farms; writing narratives and simple explanations. The children will be looking closely at statements, commands, questions and exclamations. Understanding the importance of sentence structure and the use of punctuation to demarcate sentences will continue to be a key focus in writing. We will be concentrating on developing spelling rules when suffixes are added to a root word. The children will be given extra common words as spelling every 2 weeks to learn.

Your child will be part of a guided reading group with an allocated day. During this session the children will complete a focused reading task with the teacher. In addition, it would be very helpful if you would continue to support your child by reading and discussing texts brought home from school each day and then recording this in their home/school book. The children will be awarded three team points for three signatures/parental comments in their home school books and five team points if they read each evening. It is very important to read regularly and discuss the texts. Team points will only be given if the reading record is signed by parents/carers.


Throughout the term we will recall and use multiplication and division facts for the 2, 5 and 10 times tables, including recognising odd and even numbers. We will calculate mathematical statements for multiplication and division within the multiplication tables and write them using the multiplication (x), division (รท) and equals (=) sign. We will deepen our learning through problem solving activities and use our reasoning skills to explain. Each week your child will be given a challenge to complete at home; the child will have a week to finish and return the task. It will be set on Friday to be completed and returned to school on the following Thursday. It may be a task using Mymaths or an investigative activity.
We will revise number bonds to 10, 20 and then 100. We will then learn to count on and back in tens.

Routines in Year Two

Our P.E. lessons take place on Friday but if the weather is fine we may venture out at other times. Please ensure that your child has a P.E. kit with shorts, t-shirt and pumps at school. During the Autumn term many of our lessons will take place outside so please could you ensure that your child has suitable footwear at school at all times. Tracksuits may be worn when the weather is cold. Children should have their hair tied back and earrings must either be taken out or covered. Please send in some micropore tape or plasters to cover their earrings. Also, the children are encouraged to bring labelled water bottles to access during the day.


There is an optional homework grid in your child's homework book. This term it is: 'Farming.' Homework- Your child can choose to complete an optional homework task each week from the grid and return tasks to school each week on Thursday. Please return the homework book to school each week.

Important dates:
8th January 2019 First day back at school

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