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Welcome to Emerald Class with Miss Morris

Our topic for the Autumn term will be The Victorians. We will be discovering what life was like in Victorian Britain and how the Industrial Revolution changed society. As a class, we will study what it was like for children growing up and having to work every day in the dangerous mills! Study will also focus on important historical figures such as the scientist Charles Darwin, inventor of the telephone Alexander Graham Bell and Lord Shaftsbury who was instrumental in trying to make sure that children had rights. The children will look at the comparison between Queen Victoria and Queen Elizabeth 2nd. A class debate will take place to decide who is the greatest monarch. Additionally, we hope to have a, 'Victorian Day,' in school where Emerald class will re-enact a typical Victorian school day!

In our maths work we will be concentrating on number. This will include looking at place value, addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. We will deepen our learning through real life multi -step problems and use our reasoning skills to show what methods we could use. We will use pictorial diagrams to help us visualise solutions and approach problems creatively. We will also be developing our understanding of shape and measure. All of us will be rocking out and competing to get the best guitars and gear on Times Table Rockstars! New logins for the children will be handed out during the second week of term.

In English we will look at the book 'Charlotte's Web,' and be using drama to help us with ideas for our writing. Throughout this term we will be editing and improving our work through ambitious vocabulary and use of conjunctions to make compound sentences. Our writing conference work will form a big part of the editing and re-drafting process. Understanding the importance of sentence structure and the use of punctuation to develop atmosphere in writing will be looked at. Furthermore, we will be concentrating on spelling by adding prefixes /suffixes and common high frequency words.
Mr Perry will be teaching the children Science this term and the class will be looking at sound. How is sound created? How does it travel? What effects pitch and volume? The children will get chance to make their own string telephones inspired by Alexander Graham Bell and also develop their skills in working scientifically to answer questions using experiments and results.

In P.E. we will be working on rugby, football and gymnastics. Making sure we concentrate on the fundamental movement skills of each sport. It would be wonderful if children brought P.E. kits into school on Monday and then took them home on Friday to be washed ready for next week's lessons. We will hopefully be going on a trip to Quarry Bank Mill in September which will work with the topic Victorians.
In Art and Design the Children will create mixed-media works depicting Victorian buildings. The use of collage will be practiced and employed to create a Victorian self-portrait. We will design and build our own toys, after looking at this Victorian craft in detail. The work of artist William Morris will be studied.

Parents evening for the Autumn term will be on 8th and 10th October. I look forward to an exciting and inspiring Autumn term with the children!

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